Encounters - 2024

Carlo Acutis

"Nothing more than lifting your gaze"

EncountersPaola Bergamini

Pope Francis has recognized a miracle attributable to the intercession of Blessed Carlo Acutis, soon to be canonized. Here a portrait of the young Milanese man inflamed by the passion for his Friend Jesus (from Traces, February 2014)

Gaza, around the al-Shifa hospital, April 2024 (Photo: © Omar Ishaq/APA Images via Zuma Press Wire/Mondadori Portfolio)

The possible embrace

EncountersAlessandro Banfi

Two fathers, one Israeli, the other Palestinian, whose daughters were killed in separate incidents in the conflict, reconciled in the Parents' Circle association. We met them along with writer Colum McCann, who wrote the epic book Apeirogon.

Fr. Lukasz Popko

Lukasz Popko: If God questions you

EncountersStefano Filippi

The Bible as a place of questions and not precepts: two scholars discuss and discover what the secret for true dialogue is. One of the two protagonists, the Polish Dominican Fr. Popko, speaks about the book in the March issue of Tracce.