Encounters - 2018

"Magdalen with the Smoking Flame" by Georges de la Tour. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The Language of the Soul

EncountersMaurizio Vitali

Wounds, nostalgia, frailty, and hope: Psychiatrist Eugenio Borgna explains the modern man through painful yet beautiful words open “to change and salvation, to the risk of life.” In the era of performance, this is an ode to human frailty.

"Reality Check: Have You Seen Your Patient?" Courtesy of the MedConference

Healthcare and Humanity: the MedConference

EncountersAnnemarie Bacich

On the eve of the 2018 MedConference, an annual conference for students and workers in the healthcare profession, we publish an interview with Dr. Elvira Parravicini, its founder and chief organizer. The MedConference is in its tenth year.

Dr. Giancarlo Rastelli

Rastelli: The Great Heart of Doctor Gian

EncountersAnna Leonardi

His surgical procedure has saved many worldwide, but the young doctor wasn't just known for his contributions to the medical world. Here's how the Rastelli exhibit at the 2018 Rimini Meeting came about.

Mikel Azurmendi

"I'm Struck by the Smiles of People Who've Come Back to Life"

EncountersFernando de Haro

Mikel Azurmendi, philosopher and anthropologist, offers a secular outlook that has, however, been forged by awareness of the most urgent markers of the time we live in: immigration, nationalism, Jihadism, and the value of religion in the public sphere.

Pankaj Mishra

This Anger is not Enough

EncountersGiuseppe Pezzini

According to the New York Times (and many other reviews), his latest book is one of the most notable of 2017. Pankaj Mishra offered his clear-eyed vision of today’s world and its globalized “disorder.”