Encounters - 2005

Evolution. Creative Commons CC0

The Scope of Science

EncountersMichelle Riconscente

An interview with Professor Hodgson, a fellow at Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and head of the Nuclear Physics Theoretical Group of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Laboratory.

Archbishop Javier Martínez. Wikimedia Commons

Need for Each Other


It was Archbishop Javier Martínez of Granada who conceived the idea of the theological convention, “Meetings for a New Beginning,” and was its chief animator

Outside Berchet High School in the 1950s. Via Wikimedia Commons

He Challenged Me to Be Jewish with Indescribable Likeability

EncountersPaola Bergamini

A question and answer with Fr. Giussani during an unexpected religion class forty years ago. Today, the former student of Berchet High School recalls the encounter which led her to the depths of herself; the discovery of her own tradition as belonging.