Encounters - 2011

Artist Painting the Seascape. Creative Commons CC0

Jumping Off

EncountersDino D'agata and Kathleen Black

In this interview, Laurel Dugan describes her sense of unity in life, "order in the chaos," which unveils a fecundity without measure.

Prison Bars. Wikimedia Commons

Story of Gladness

EncountersMelanie Danner

From a School of Community in suburban Maryland to a prison in North Carolina, a transformative friendship with an inmate leads him to come to know a great love and a new sense of purpose in his life...

Dante's Paradiso. Wikimedia Commons

New Creatures

EncountersAlessandra Stoppa

At a prison in Padua, Italy, 3 inmates receive the sacraments in the presence of their victims' families. A similar story is taking place in the US, where a friendship that has grown through mainly letters is filling a man's life in prison with hope.

Dorothy Day. Wikimedia Commons

"You Are Still My Mother"

EncountersRita Simmonds and Webster Bull

Artist Mary Lathrop offers a living witness to the Venerable Dorothy Day, recalling yesterday's conversion and today's reality: a friendship that coincides with the encounter with Christ and an ongoing education for her religious sense.

Pope John Paul II. Wikimedia Commons

In Love with Christ and Man

EncountersMassima Camisasca

The friendship and esteem with Fr. Giussani, the audiences with the university students, and "that same way of seeing things" that, nonetheless, irritated some people. Here is the story of how the bond between the Pope and the Movement was born and grew.

Antique Map of North America. Wikimedia Commons

Our Arrows and that X

EncountersFr. Luis A. Rivero

Alongside the New York Encounter, 200 CL responsibles from North America gathered for the Annual National Diaconia. Eschewing all formality and going beyond expectations, the three days with Fr. Julián Carrón introduced "reality as a symphony."