Encounters - 2008

Taipei, Taiwan. Creative Commmons CC0

Mr. Xiao and the Shén Fù Friends

EncountersMassimo Camisasca

After the interview with Cardinal Zen, we look again at the life of Catholics in China. This time, we disembark at Taipei, where the St. Charles Fraternity runs a parish. Encounters and witnesses. Notes from a special journey, marked by gratitude.

Clinicians in Intensive Care Unit. Wikimedia Commons

Questions of Life or Death

EncountersMatteo Forte

She was an atheist and outspoken “right to die” and “living will” advocate. But the life of Sylvie Ménard was affected by another illness: her own. We interviewed this woman whose heart and mind were changed by the facts staring her in the face.

StFX Physical Sciences Center lab. Via Wikimedia Commons

Why the Pope is on the Side of the Scientists

EncountersDavide Perillo

The quest for the truth, the defense of rationality, the summons to good… Obstacles to research? No, the exact opposite, says Gianpaolo Bellini, one of Italy’s most important physicists.

Saint Patrick. Wikimedia Commons

A New Working Hypothesis

EncountersMauro Biondi

A leading journalist in the Irish media, John Waters discovered CL and rediscovered the reasons for Christianity. This ex-agnostic explains why, today, he attends debates with "The Religious Sense" under his arm, involving himself personally.