Encounters - 2014

I am sustained by the joy of those I serve


He has been living in Erbil since ISIS occupied his city. He sees the faithful begin to lose their trust, and helps them to find a house and gas to cook... "Here and now, it's more important to stay with them than to say the right words."

Joseph Weiler.

The True Battlefield

EncountersLuca Fiore

He is one of the greatest jurists in the world, and among those who know Europe best. We asked him to compare himself with the interpretation of modernity as presented by Fr. Julián Carrón.

Cherry blossoms in the Catholic University of America campus. Photo by Lawrence OP via Flickr

Community, Creativity, and Culture

EncountersFrancis Petruccelli

John Garvey, President of the Catholic University of America, discusses the crisis of higher education and how to "rethink the importance and value of education" as a whole in an interview with TracesOnline.

Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona. Photo by Emily Marsolek

I Remain in Mosul

EncountersLuca Fiore

"My sole concern was whether or not it would be possible to complete my role of service as the bishop." We publish an interview with Archbishop Amel Shamon Nona in light of the June 6 attacks on Mosul.

European flags in front of the European Court of Auditors, Kirchberg, Luxembourg. Via Wikimedia Commons

A Fresh Start for Europe

EncountersLuca Fiore

We offer an interview with Fr. Mauro Giuseppe Lepori, General Abbot of the Cistercian Order, on the state of the European Union and the upcoming elections for the European Parliament.

Dr. Michael Naughton. Photo by Jude Severson

The Logic of Gift at Work

EncountersSuzanne Tanzi

Two years after the publication of "The Vocation of the Business Leader: A Reflection for the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace," we publish an interview with its co-author, Michael Naughton, on the applicability of the Catholic social tradition.

The Wind and the Wheat by Phil Keaggy. Via Flickr

Sensitized to the Heart's Desire

EncountersTimothy Dolch

Traces caught up with Phil Keaggy to explore his approach to life, namely allowing his experiences to inform his work, reflecting his honest embrace of reality.

Fr. Samir Khalil Samir backstage before "Hoping Against Hope." Photo by Emily Marsolek

Bridge To Dialogue

EncountersAnthony Daqaq

"In the Middle East, the time of the Person has come." A discussion from the 2014 New York Encounter featuring Fr. Samir Khalil Samir and Msgr. Lorenzo Albacete.

Protesters chant slogans against the Muslim Brotherhood. Photo by Y. Weeks/VOA via Wikimedia Commons

Waiting For Help

EncountersLuca Fiore

An interview on Egypt with Father Jean-Jacques Pérennès, head of the Dominicans in the Arab world, scholar of Christian-Islamic relations, and resident in Cairo since 1998.

Lucifer, King of Hell by Gustave Doré

Following the Call

EncountersDamian Bacich

Fr. Gary Thomas, America’s top exorcist whose ministry was chronicled in the book and film The Rite, talks to Traces about healing, hope, and the power of the priesthood.

Kim Shankman. Photo by Nick Erickson

A Positive Thing

EncountersLuca Fiore

They are a normal Midwestern family. She has a demanding job as Dean of Benedictine College. He is retired and able to take care of the house and walk their dog. One March afternoon, however, their life changed forever.