Encounters - 2019

Francisco De Roux

Colombia: The journey to truth

EncountersDoris Soraida Barragan

From November Traces: the fear of questions, 
wounded young men, and forgiveness. A conversation with Fr. Francisco De Roux, a key figure in the peace process happening in a country devastated by a seemingly endless conflict.

Launch of "The Sky Over Kibera". Courtesy of AVSI Kenya.

The Sky Over Kibera: The Divine Comedy in the slum of Nairobi


The press release for the launch of the Docu-Film "The Sky Over Kibera" by Marco Martinelli, that took place in Nairobi on Saturday 21st September. A film on Dante presented by the students of selected schools in one of the largest African slums.

Blum (L) and Ghaly.

"I Go to Prepare a Place for You"

EncountersJonathan Ghaly

Jim Blum, founder of My Father's House, discusses his time in prison, his conversion, and his encounter with Communion and Liberation.

Courtesy of Arthur Roraff.

From Alaska to Arizona: Signposts of God

EncountersAnnemarie Bacich

Fr. Arthur Roraff tells the story of his vocation as a priest in Alaska and his eventual encounter with Communion and Liberation.

"Elizabeth Seton: American Saint"

Craving a Presence

EncountersAnnemarie Bacich

We publish an interview with historian Catherine O'Donnell, author of "Elizabeth Seton: American Saint." Her book was recommended as one of the summer readings in the United States communities.

A Grecian urn. Photo by Paul Curto via Flickr.

A Kiss is Not the End

EncountersPaola Bergamini

Psychiatrist Giovanni Stanghellini reflects on the question, “Is there something that lasts forever?" A dialogue about experience, relationships, waiting, evil, and repetition. And the unexpected that “touches me concretely.”

The Giussani Experiment


The life of the CL founder transformed his way of teaching and of looking at the crisis of the Church. An interview with theologian Timothy O’Malley who spoke at the presentation on Giussani’s biography in Chicago.

Virginia's picture depicting her and her family doing charitable work.

A Contest within a Context


We publish the winning drawing and essay from the 2019 Art and Essay contest sponsored by Benedictine College.

Jason Blakely. Photo by Amy Hickl (cropped).

From Formalism to Authenticity


We publish the text of Jason Blakely's remarks on March 12, 2019, during the Life of Luigi Giussani book tour.

CC0 via goodfreephotos.com

Before Death There is Life

EncountersLetizia Mariani

We sat down with Elvira Parravicini, M.D., to discuss her Neonatal Comfort Care Program, a service of perinatal and neonatal palliative care which establishes plans of care for babies with life-limiting conditions.