Encounters - 2006

John Waters. Photo by Crossroads Cultural Center

An Irishman’s Story: The Surprise of an Encounter

EncountersMichelle Riconscente

John Waters, editorialist of the "Irish Times," tells about himself, beginning with his experience at the Rimini Expo Center, the world of the mass media, the search for ultimate meaning, the life of the Church in Ireland, and the problem of education.

Tony Hendra. Wikimedia Commons

Dinner with Tony Hendra

EncountersMichele Cantoni

The theme of vocation is at the center of the British writer’s autobiography. In New York he encountered the experience of the Movement. This past summer, during a visit to Italy, he told us about himself.

Seal of the U.S. Department of State. Wikimedia Commons

The Story of a New Beginning

EncountersMraco Bardazzi

The story of a State Department official, and how sharing his professional problems with his friends has given him a different outlook on work.