Encounters - 2003

Daniele Comboni. Wikimedia Commons

Father, Shepherd, and Friend of Africa

EncountersFidel Gonzalez

At the age of 26, he left for the Sudan, in Central Africa, where he began his missionary work. He used to say often, “Africa can find its true dignity and freedom only in the reality of the Church.”

Jerusalem. Wikimedia Commons

My Friend David

EncountersJonah Lynch

A student of Judaism and a seminarian. A shared passion for music and dialogue about God. Excerpts from their correspondence until that tragic July 31st in Jerusalem.

Bogota, Colombia. Creative Commons CC0

In the Guerrillas’ Hands

EncountersAlver Metalli

On November 11th, along with Fr Desiderio, he was kidnapped by FARC combat troops, and freed after a few days. A chorus of indignant voices had been raised all over the world. But even more, of prayers.

Menorah. Wikimedia Commons

My Hope: This Dialogue with You

EncountersAngelica Calo Livne

From a kibbutz in Upper Galilee, the words of a Jewish woman met almost by chance. “Hope is this dialogue that has sprung forth like a blessing… it is this miracle that has made you open your gates to your elder brothers”