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Silvio Cattarina (© Archivio Meeting di Rimini)

Silvio Cattarina: If you look carefully

EncountersAnna Leonardi

“If you look carefully enough, the truth of who you are is not pain.” In the March issue of Tracce, the founder of the Imprevisto therapeutic community, recounts how he accompanies young people who experience the big questions in an extreme way.

Ukrainian refugees at Przemyśl station (Photo: © Hesther Ng/ZUMA Press/ANSA)

Przemyśl: "Our journey has just begun"

WorldDavide Perillo

Friendship with a Ukrainian girl took them to the Polish border where refugees continuously arrive. The story of an unpredictable journey. "The human carries something inside that not even war can take away.”

The vans driving towards Poland
Liara Lima

Brazil: "I had been waiting for him forever"

WorldDavide Perillo

Liara, social worker in Manaus, in the heart of the Amazon, recounts her encounter with Fr. Giussani in 2010, watching a DVD that some friends had lent her. And that soon became "a path."

Fr. Alberto Caccaro with Sagn in 2008

Cambodia: With Giussani on the Mekong

WorldAnna Leonardi

A missionary in Cambodia for over twenty years, Fr. Alberto Caccaro describes the revolution that began within him as he traveled from village to village and recounts why he decided to translate The Risk of Education into Khmer.

The students of Pka Doung middle-school
The CL community on a hike

Chile: A thousand kilometers to live in beauty

WorldPaula Giovanetti and Valeska Cabañas

The South American community’s vacation in the mountains. They had to overcome many objections before leaving, and yet there was one reason that moved everyone, as “love for destiny does not stop pushing us to walk.”

Venezuela. Argenis with children from his neighbourhood

Betting on your life in Venezuela

WorldDavide Perillo

"Reality is a calling." How can these words not endure? Particularly when the country is suffering the harshest of crises, making daily life extreme. The testimony of Alejandro Marius from the January issue of Tracce.

Alejandro (on the right) with friends from his Fraternity