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Students in Class. Wikimedia Commons

Taking the Risk of a True Education

SchoolSuzanne Tanzi

In an American educational system threatened by scientism, relativism, and the lack of adult role models, where can we begin to rebuild? University Professor Brad Gregory discusses how the recovery begins with an “I” deeply committed to reality.

Boston. Wikimedia Commons

Beyond Pedagogy

SchoolAnnemarie Bacich

Educators and school administrators from across America and Puerto Rico spent four days at the annual EdConference in Boston to discuss “the risk of education,” judging together the daily reality they face in schools and their own methods of answering it.

Canadian Flag. Flickr

Free Not to Be Neutral

SchoolJohn Zucchi

A father’s challenge, bringing suit against the state of Québec, where, by law, Ethics and Religious Culture are taught. Supposedly “neutral” lessons seek to neutralize parents and libertas Ecclesiae. What is the source of the defense of education?

An Allegory of Theology. From Wellcome Images via Wikimedia Commons
Mt. Tallac at Lake Tahoe. Wikimedia Commons

An Extended Hand

SchoolChiara Tanzi

The annual CL university students vacation took place this year on the shores of Lake Tahoe, California. The theme–“Something That Comes Before”–was, quite appropriately, more than talked about. It was experienced.

French Anthropologist Yves Coppens. Wikimedia Commons

Knowledge Is Always an Event

CultureCarlo Dignola

The 30th edition of the Meeting in Rimini, Italy began on August 23 with a presentation in Paris. On the stage, among others, was Yves Coppens, a famed scientist. He was asked to comment on this year’s theme in light of his own experience.

President Obama at the University of Notre Dame. Photographer Pete Souza via Wikimedia Commons

What We Hold Most Dear

SchoolSantiago Ramos

When the University of Notre Dame invited President Obama to speak at its Commencement ceremony and receive an honorary degree in law, many Catholics protested. The CL Community at the school, led by Paolo Carozza, Professor of Law, decided to act.

Notre Dame University Campus. Wikimedia Commons
Polish Director Andrzej Wajda. Wikimedia Commons

Wajda's Story. The (Real) Lesson of Katyn

CultureLuca Doninelli

22,000 slaughtered by Russians in a forest. A page of history from WWII that still divides opinions. Let’s go beyond the historical debates. What is at the heart of the Polish filmmaker’s film? This is a question that concerns us here and right now.

Philadelphia Night Skyline. Wikimedia Commons

A Presence That Never Changes

SchoolVitaliy Kuzmin

March 20th to the 22nd, the first ever CLU Exercises were held in the US in Philadelphia, and attended by college students from all over the country. This was a moment to witness where Christ is present in our lives and to prepare for Easter.

Charles Darwin. Wikimedia Commons

The year of Darwin - What If We Were to Evolve from scientism?

SchoolMario Gargantini

150 years after the publication of The Origin of Species, and 200 years after the birth of its author, a convention has been organized by the Pontifical Gregorian University to assess one of history’s most significant scientific discoveries.

God as Architect. Wikimedia Commons
The Cosmos. Flickr

What Good Fortune to Have Friends Like This

CultureMarco Bersanelli

Peter Hodgson, a world-renowned Oxford professor for over 55 years, died this past December. One of his colleagues, a close friend, recounts how he discovered in him a great man of faith.

David Foster Wallace. Wikimedia Commons

The Last Discovery of a Wounded Heart

CultureLuca Doninelli

Essayist, literature teacher, and once a promising tennis player, he is among the greatest contemporary American authors. He had no fear of the naked truth about himself, as a short story written just before his tragic death reveals

Gaza strip, 2002. CC0

“Peace? Let’s Start From the Religious Sense”

Current EventsFabrizio Rossi

The Hamas rockets, the Israeli reaction, and war breaks out again in the Gaza Strip. Is there nothing that can make them overcome the divisions? “A common journey towards the truth,” answers writer Aharon Applefeld, and the help of men “of genuine faith”.

Cardinal Marc Ouellet. Wikimedia Commons

The Word of God Happens

ChurchJohn Zucchi

“What struck me most about the Synod was the unity.” The Primate of Canada revisits a milestone in the life of the Church: the encounter with Christ; the relationship between faith and exegesis; and the movements.

Naples, Italy. Flickr

Sunshine in the Backstreets

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A bar that has become a “mission outpost,” women who discover “a more real world,” and men who wanted to run away but now party in the quarter. These are scenes of Naples where the “crisis” is permanent, but where something is happening to overcome it...