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The Unique Voice of the Ideal by Julián Carrón

Synod on Young People: "The Unique Voice of the Ideal"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

A collection of texts dedicated to students by Father Julián Carrón will be presented in Italian bookstores. They are a tool to be used to prepare for the Synod this Fall. We publish Carrón’s introduction to the book.

The Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo by Giulietta Riboldi

Unity at the Crossroads

Current EventsStephen Adubato

"We were truly a people. The cries of our hearts sang in unison. And the direction of our gaze was transfixed by the ultimate sign of contradiction: the Cross." A reflection on the 2018 Way of the Cross over the Brooklyn Bridge.

Professor Joel Flores

Encuentro Mexico: Witnesses of a Good Destiny

Current EventsLourdes Caudillo

Among the dialogues and encounters with people of culture, managers, and people committed at different levels of society was the discovery “that good enters the world starting from the freedom of each person.”

Disarming Beauty: Essays on Faith, Truth and Freedom

Disarming Beauty a 2017 Indie Finalist

Current Events

Fr. Julián Carrón's "Disarming Beauty" was selected as a 2017 Foreword Reviews Indies Award Finalist in the Religion category.

Latin America assembly of responsibles.

You Cannot Fake the "Hundredfold"

Current EventsDavide Perillo

A veteran who, after years, returns to be amazed, a seventy-year-old new to CL, and stories of violence in Mexico and of starvation in Venezuela in the report of the annual assembly with Julián Carrón and the responsibles in Latin America.

Your woman looks out a window. Via Flickr

Faith and Reason

CulturePilar Rahola

“In the midst of the deterioration of values and vicious conflicts that assail humankind, I think that the presence of believers is indispensable for society.” A commentary by Pilar Rahola, who presented "Disarming Beauty" with Julián Carrón in May.

'The Incredulity of Saint Thomas' by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. Via Wikimedia Commons

The Primacy of Joy

ChurchStefano Alberto

On the fifth anniversary of the election of Pope Francis, we offer an annotated reading of Evangelii Gaudium to help grasp the essence his "programmatic text" and today's task for all men and women.

Sudan People's Liberation Army soldiers. Photo by Jason Patinkin (VOA) via Wikimedia Commons

A Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace

ChurchPope Francis

Today, February 23, Pope Francis' Special Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace invites us to remember the Democratic Republic of Congo and of South Sudan.

The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection by Eugène Burnand.

2018 CL Easter Poster

Current Events

The 2018 Easter poster image is Eugène Burnand's "The disciples Peter and John running to the tomb on the morning of the resurrection," currently at the Musee d'Orsay, Paris.

Street art by David McClelland on Kent Street, Belfast. Photo by Rossographer via geograph

Referendum: A great divide or an impossible unity?

Current Events

In late May, Irish voters will be called to decide on the eighth amendment to the Constitution: What decrees the equality of the right to life of mothers and unborn children? We published a message written by the CL community in Ireland.

Teacher with her Students. Flickr

Those Who Accept the Risk

SchoolInes Maggiolini

What does it mean to be a “teacher” today? A conference with Julián Carrón marks 40 years since Fr. Giussani’s "The Risk of Education" was published. A discussion full of life and the reasons for life.

Bumping into a Life

SchoolPeter Fields

A group of university students from North America worked together for a year on an exhibit on Fr. Luigi Giussani. The result was 21 panels showing how his experience continues to shape theirs today through an ongoing companionship.

Letter from Fr. Julian Carron to the CL community.

"Our One Desire is to Follow Him"

Current EventsJulián Carrón

Last Friday on February 2, Fr. Julián Carrón was received in audience by Pope Francis. This is the letter that was written to the Fraternity of Communion & Liberation after his encounter with the Holy Father.

The Fight Between Carnival and Lent by Pieter Breugel. Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Pope Francis on 2018 Lent

ChurchPope Francis

"May the light of Christ rising in glory dispel the darkness of our hearts and minds." Pope Francis' Lenten message to the faithful deemed this time a "sacramental sign of our conversion."

Julián Carrón received by Pope Francis.

Julián Carrón received in private
audience with Pope Francis

Current EventsAdriana Masotti

The president of Communion & Liberation explain to VaticanNews themes of their conversation. "He encouraged us to continue with our efforts, [...] he believes this education is especially important [...] when young people are living in a “liquid society”.

The Brooklyn Bridge

New York Encounter: The Message of Pope Francis

Current EventsCardinal Pietro Paolin

From January 12-14 the tenth edition of the New York Encounter will be held at the Metropolitan Pavilion in Manhattan. This year the event is titled "An 'Impossible' Unity." Read the message of Pope Francis, sent by Cardinal Pietro Parolin.