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In a "Villa" in Buenos Aires

In the "villas", where the community fights the virus

WorldMonica Poletto

Fear in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, between poverty and the impossibility of self-isolation. There, a group of priests takes care of the people. Fr. Charly Olivero recounts their story.

Amedeo Capetti

A day in the hospital ward

WorldPaola Bergamini

Expectation and hope in the hospital ward. From April Traces: The story of Amedeo Capetti, an infectious disease specialist at Sacco Hospital in Milan who has been fighting the epidemic on the front lines since it began.

The entrance of the Sacco Hospital
Antonio Polito

Antonio Polito: Fear and Presence

EncountersDavide Perillo

The coronavirus is sending a Western civilization “increasingly indifferent to the very idea of Jesus” into crisis, leaving us at a fork in the road... From April Traces: an interview with Antonio Polito, columnist for Corriere della Sera.

The April issue of Traces
Luca Salvi, head of Orthopedics in the at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital

"One last look of tenderness towards those who die alone”

WorldPaola Bergamini

Luca Salvi works at the Alzano Lombardo Hospital (Bergamo), one of the hotbeds of the epidemic. Where everything has changed. From the conception of work to relationships amongst colleagues. "What is happening makes us reflect on our consistency."

Fr. Livio Lodigiani.

Fr. Livio: Back from Almaty

WorldMaria Acqua Simi

He spent twenty-three years in Kazakhstan as a missionary. Now he is back in Cremona, and re-evaluates everything he lived. Friends, encounters, works. Without regrets, but eager to discover what this path still has in store for him.

Fr. Livio with friends from Almaty

Let me live happily

WorldPaola Bergamini

From January Traces: “Any type of humanity, in any moment of life, can be seized by Christ.” The testimony of the Fraternity of Saint Joseph, which is comprised of women and men called to virginity in the conditions in which they find themselves.

John Williams with Fr. Luca Speziale (Photo: Luca Fiore)

“What I have been looking for all my life”

US, UK and MoreMichela Young

John, now 85 years old, became a Catholic at 22. After meeting the movement of Communion and Liberation 13 months ago, he says, “I have received a whole new understanding of what it is to be a Christian.”

(Photo: Luca Fiore)
Marco Martinelli at a rehearsal for The Sky Over Kibera (Photo: AVSI/Andrea Signori)

Marco Martinelli: “I am telling your story”

WorldAnna Leonardi

He brought to the stage the youth of the Kibera slum for an unforgettable performance of the Divine Comedy. One of the most interesting Italian directors talks about his life and Dante, a love that kept him from losing himself.

Fr. Pigi Banna

A gaze in the light of destiny

WorldPigi Banna

Fr. Pigi Banna, who follows the young people of Student Youth, talks about what it means to be a father, and at the same time, a son. A relationship that always needs to be nourished by a present so that it can “continue to generate.”