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Enders Island. Wikimedia Commons

Priests in Stars and Stripes

Current EventsRich Veras, Peter Cameron, OP

27 American priests gathered for the first CL Priests’ Retreat, on Enders Island, off the coast of Connecticut. They confronted the acknowledgement that they are sons to become fathers. The discovery of a new perspective of faith.

Joshua Stancil

Letter from Prison

Current EventsGS-USA

What is freedom? This is the question that animated the GS winter vacation in America. Joshua, an inmate in a North Carolina prison, virtually participated in the vacation by writing a long letter that moved the students.

Iraqi Children Gather Around an American Soldier. Wikimedia Commons

An Original–and Positive–Contribution

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

The starting point for a Christian judgment on the current war in Iraq: peace as the fruit of Christ’s presence in history, the only road for reaching the ideals of peace and justice that have always sustained the American dream.

Havana, Cuba. Creative Commons CC0

It Happens in Cuba

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

The first congress on bioethics in Havana, promoted by the John Paul II Center, included a presentation of Fr. Giussani's The Religious Sense. Before an audience of 200 people, outstanding Cuban figures discussed elementary experience, freedom an

Missionaries of Charity. Wikimedia Commons

The Visit of Msgr Cordes

Current EventsFilippo Cavazza

The trip to Uganda made by the Pope’s “Minister of Charity.” The Cor Unum project with AVSI and esteem for the work of the Movement.

Young Entrepreneurs Grow Up

Current EventsPaola Ronconi

Kenya St Kizito’s: Teaching a trade, giving the foundations for opening a business, but above all, accompanying young people in rediscovering their dignity, because “it is not enough to teach someone how to fish, you have to share why one fishes.”

Forgotten Africa?

Current EventsRodolfo Casadei

First part of a journey into Africa's center. The disheartening macroeconomic analyses, the developmental crisis, and the lack of globalization. The Church's reality and the testimonies of a presence that shares and builds. A positive example for all.