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A Christian boy from Mosul who now lives with his family in a camp for refugees in Erbil (Iraq). Traces

A "Redeemed" Gaze

Current EventsCostantino Esposito

Outlook on Syria, the lives of martyrs today and what we can contribute, from the perspective of a “redeemed gaze.” Published below are excerpts from a talk by Fr. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, custodian of the Holy Land

Oscar Wilde. Wikimedia Commons

The Broken Heart of a Dandy

CultureGiuseppe Pezzini

Everyone knows of his extravagance; few know of his suffering, his relationship with sin and beauty, or his deathbed conversion. An exhibit at the London Encounter has been dedicated to Oscar Wilde, and it offers a portrait of “a soul” and its hope.

Christian Child in Syria. Traces

They Are Our Martyrs

ChurchDavide Perillo

“They suffer, they give us their lives, and we receive God’s blessing through their testimony.” Pope Francis is asking the world not to turn a blind eye to persecuted Christians.

Fr. Mauro Giuseppe Lepori. Wikimedia Commons

He Re-Centered Us on the Charism

ChurchLuca Fiore

Fr. Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, the Abbot General of the Cistercians,reflects on the Pope’s words. “When I become fossilized, I lose my peace.”

Michael Lonsdale. Wikimedia Commons

From Hollywood to God

CultureCarlo Dignola

Behind the well-known face on the big screen hides a man in love with the Gospel. After donning the robes of the Trappist monks of Tibhirine, Michael Lonsdale gives us a “preview” of the story of his conversion.

Fr. Carron with Pope Francis. Traces

A Road that Begins Again

Current Events

More than 80,000 people attended the Audience of Pope Francis with Communion and Liberation in Rome. It was an historical event in which the Pope invited the whole Movement to be–centered in Christ–the hands and heart of an “outward-oriented” Church.

Pope Benedict XVI. Photo by Tadeusz Górny via Wikimedia Commons

Wounded by the Desire for Beauty

ChurchBenedict XVI

At the request of Pope John Paul II, then-Cardinal Ratzinger served as principal celebrant and homilist for the funeral mass of Msgr. Luigi Giussani in the Milan Cathedral. Here is the homily in honor of the 10th Anniversary of Msgr. Giussani's passing.

New York City. Flickr

This Is It!

Current EventsMattia Ferraresi

Three days “in search of the human face.” With scientists, business managers, students and many other people from all walks of life, it was a surprising journey into a theme which, these days, means entering a debate.

The 'I am Exceptional' exhibit at the Meeting in Rimini.

We Millennials and that Strange Italian Priest


The American "selfie generation" is dismissed by some as lazy, vain, and indecisive. In an exhibit, some of them tried to speak of their experience in the light of the encounter with Fr. Giussani.

Havana, Cuba. Wikimedia Commons

A Surprise for Havana

Current Events

A historic announcement, rung in with bells and celebrations. On the island where (thanks to the Pope) dialogue with the U.S. has opened again, a new revolution has begun. What could change for the people and for the Church?