News - 2004 - Page 2

'The Calling of St. Matthew' by Artist Caravaggio via Wikimedia Commons

Hope Is a Presence

Current EventsMichelle Riconscente

Society, study, work and family: these were the four themes dealt with in the testimonies accompanying the work of the American Diaconia.

Cardinal Péter Erdö. Wikimedia Commons

Against Despair and Boredom the Certainty of Hope

ChurchRenato Farina

In the East, the fall of Communism revealed an absence of public and private morality. In the West, what triumphs is boredom; in other words, the interior demolition of the person. The only answer is the person of Christ, present in the Church.

'The Adoration of the Shepherds' by Artist Bartolomé Esteban Murillo via Wikimedia Commons

The Stand at the Fair of Catholic Youth

Current EventsMike Eppler

Four days in Houston for a conference of youth from all over America. Days of meetings and testimonies of how the Movement happens along the most unexpected roads.

Crucifix. Wikimedia Commons

Freetown. The Carpenter, the Child Jesus, and Mary

Current EventsBepi Berton

The story of Mohamed, one of the 57,000 ex-combatants who are trying to rebuild their lives, his attachment to Fr Bepi, apprenticeship as carpenter and… an unexpected child.