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The Statue of Liberty. CC0

The American Dream

Current EventsMarco Bardazzi

The annual meeting of CL Responsibles for North America. A torrent of questions, focusing on a current theme: work. Where man’s freedom is at stake.

St. Peter's Square. Wikimedia Commons

Lay, that is Christian

ChurchAlberto Savorana

The World Congress of the Catholic Laity in Rome. From Vatican II to the Jubilee of 2000. Baptism, the new creature, and witness to a change. Vocation and mission: the challenge of a reasonable faith.

Contemplating the Cosmos. Public Domain CC0

These Creative Physicists

CultureMario Gargantini

A meeting with world-famous cosmologist John Barrow. A stimulus for rethinking what propels scientific research. Against the sterile polemics of the professionals of reason.

Sign: Know your HIV status in Zambia, Africa. Commons

S.O.S. Africa

Current EventsCristina Ravera, Giuliano Rizzardini, Filippo Ciantia, Alberto Bettinelli, Reproductive Health Study Group, and AVSI

More than 24 million people infected by HIV live in sub-Saharan Africa today, presenting a global-scale problem. But prevention programs have been based almost exclusively on promoting the use of condoms. Here's another point of view...

Fr. Luigi Giussani.

Midwest Tour

Current EventsLorenzo Albacete

Three American universities hosted encounters on Father Giussani’s thought. A tour that touched the states of Indiana, Wisconsin, and Illinois.