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From the Press10.14.2019
John Henry Newman. Via Wikimedia Commons.

Cardinal Newman: a real man of the Catholic Faith

Giuseppe Pezzini maps John Henry Newman’s journey from Anglican scholar to Catholic Cardinal and sainthood, and finds in his ‘three conversions’ a lesson about the conflict of belief and modernity.

From the Press10.10.2019
John Henry Newman. Via Wikimedia Commons.

The famous saints still winning over hearts and minds

Dr Rebekah Lamb says St Thérèse and the soon-to-be-Saint Cardinal Newman have more in common than one might think, and argues that they can direct us to the freedom that comes through the truth of Christ.

From the Press10.4.2019
Cardinal John Henry Newman

Novena with Newman

People all over the world are praying and preparing for Blessed John Henry Newman's canonisation on Sunday 13th October. Download the booklet for the novena.

From the Press10.3.2019
From the Press10.1.2019
Cardinal Vincent Nichols. Via Wikimedia Commons.

‘The God Who Speaks’

Read Cardinal Vincent Nichols' pastoral letter on the cannonisation of John Henry Newman, October as the Extraordinary Month of Mission and the 2020 initiative "The God Who Speaks': A Year of the Word'.

From the Press9.27.2019
Via Wikimedia Commons.

Keeping the Faith through persecution and nuclear attack

Giuseppe writes on Catholicism in Japan and the incredible story of an A-bomb survivor who put his personal grief aside to strive for peace and reconciliation through a life in Christ. Read the article on the Scottish Catholic Observer.

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