John Henry Newman. Photo from The Oxford Oratory.

Newman key to understanding Vatican II and ecclesial movements, expert says

As the world’s leading expert on Cardinal John Henry Newman’s life and thought, Anglican convert and Oxford theology professor Father Ian Ker offers a unique perspective on the relevance of his ideas in today’s world.

"In a time marked by division within the Church and a rejection of her values from outside of it, many Catholics seem overwhelmed and even a bit helpless at times. What can Newman say to those people? Is there still hope? Why?

Fr. Ian Ker: Newman always pointed out that corruption was practically a note of the Church. After all, corruption begins right with the apostles, with Judas Iscariot, and will always be there because of original sin and because of lack of faith.

Newman would certainly be appalled by the recent scandals in the Church, especially by the corruption of the clergy.

On the other hand, Newman always maintained that we should “stand still and see the salvation of God.” Newman would certainly say: “Don’t despair.”

Newman compared the Church to a boat and said that the Church has always been buffeted by the waves and storms."


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