From the Press - 2017

From the Press10.17.2017

True dialogue respects deeply held beliefs of others, say speakers

Beth Griffin

"True dialogue happens in appreciation for each other’s intimate convictions.'" Father Julián Carrón partook in the panel on interreligious dialogue at the United Nations Headquarters alongside Archbishop Bernardito Auza and Amitai Etzioni.

From the Press10.4.2017
From the Press10.3.2017
The Incredulity of Saint Thomas by Caravaggio. Via Wikimedia Commons

Disarming Beauty Review

Alessandro Rovati

"Christianity ... is the encounter with the person of Jesus, the mystery who entered into history to become a companion to human beings and respond to their structural need for happiness." Disarming Beauty is reviewed on Reading Religion.

From the Press10.2.2017
Descent into Hell and Resurrection by Marko Ivan Rupnik and Centro Aletti artists via Wikimedia Commons

The Christian Encounter

Thomas S. Hibbs

"Carrón points out that many of the truths we have held for some time to be self-evident became obvious only after the advent of Christianity; with its current decline, so too goes the obviousness." Disarming Beauty is reviewed by National Review.

From the Press9.22.2017

Disarming Beauty is Work of Evangelization for our Time

Michael Sean Winters

"At a time when religious fanaticism perpetrates the grossest offenses against humankind, it takes courage to posit that our Christian faith is reasonable only if it is 'without reservation.'" Michael Winters reviewed Julián Carrón's Disarming Beauty.

From the Press6.6.2017
From the Press3.1.2017
The Nameless by Andrea Gastaldi

Pope Francis in Milan: Hope in an embrace

Julián Carrón

Awaiting the arrival of Pope Francis in Milan, Fr. Julián Carrón compared the present anticipation and awe to that of The Unnamed from Alessandro Manzoni's The Betrothed.

From the Press1.31.2017