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From the Press11.9.2018
Women's March 2018. Photo by Rob Kall via Wikimedia Commons

Midterm Elections and Happiness

Giorgio Vittadini

"Underneath the surface, the United States of America is passing through the deepest identity crisis in its history." From "Il Sussidiario."

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From the Press6.25.2018
"The Raising of Lazarus" by Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio

Luca and Chiara: Life is Never Over

Giorgio Vittadini

Luca and Chiara’s story speaks of an unexpected hope born after a tragedy and of the miracle of charity and unity among different types of people.

From the Press4.30.2018

The Loving Place for Children that Assumes Beauty

David Brooks

"Some of the people who do the most good have a willingness to be radically changed. [...] I met many such people at a place here in northern Italy called Cometa." Cometa in "The New York Times."

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From the Press2.7.2018
(L-R) Joseph Weiler, John McCarthy, Cristophe Pierre and Sayyid Mohammad Baqir al-Kashmiri at the New York Encounter. Photo by Nick Erickson

Reaching Young People Who Have Left the Church

Christopher White

"In a time of deep tribalism in our country, this event managed to offer a rare glimpse of unity and an attractive alternative to the fragmentation that defines our present age." Christopher White reflects on his coverage of the 2018 New York Encounter.

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