Women's March 2018. Photo by Rob Kall via Wikimedia Commons

Midterm Elections and Happiness

"Underneath the surface, the United States of America is passing through the deepest identity crisis in its history." From "Il Sussidiario."
Giorgio Vittadini

"The Midterm elections of the United States, which were held this past November 6, when seen with the eye of a political commentator, were nothing exceptional. No one was made a 'lame duck,' to use the expression that describes a president without a Congressional majority. In extreme synthesis: The Democrats retook control of the House of Representatives and won certain important gubernatorial races, such as Illinois, but, at the same time, lost crucial and symbolic challenges in states such as Florida and Georgia. With a reinforced Senate in his favor, Donald Trump will not be conditioned on his foreign policy, which is solely his own competence, and could be confirmed in all of the most important nominations that he will make, even if, having lost the House, he may be blocked in the attempt to pass fundamental laws on domestic issues, such as taxes and immigration."


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