Fr. Julián Carrón. Photo by Lupe de la Vallina. Courtesy of Jot Down Magazine

Julián Carrón: "Others do not create problems for us; others make us aware of the problems we have"

"The only way to communicate the Christian faith is through freedom. Only in a free space will Christian faith be able to interest men today." Fr. Julián Carrón was interviewed by Jot Down Magazine.
Ángel L. Fernández Recuero

The following interview first appeared in Jot Down Magazine on January 31, 2017.

We meet up with Julián in the café at the Hotel de las Letras in Madrid, taking advantage of one of his quick trips to Spain. We speak about politics, reason, and science, and he explains the roots of the change that is taking place in Western society, with the Enlightenment as the key element. He also tells us how he lives Christianity in Communion and Liberation, and in what way this can be a key for our future. Julián is easy-going, friendly and clear, and he has a great power of conviction, even in front of a recalcitrant atheist like the one interviewing him.