Photo by David Galalis.

Walking the Way of the Cross this Good Friday

Read Andrew Hamm's article on walking the Way of the Cross in Washington, D.C., published on April 17 on the Catholic Standard.

"All my life I’ve striven to remain observant, even as the recent scandals came to light. More and more I see how I’ve settled for observation --especially of these scandals. I don’t know what this period in time means for the Church. I do know that the upcoming Way of the Cross, with those faces I’m preparing to pass on the way to St. Patrick’s and the sensitivity I expect to feel because of the scandals, is provoking me into a deeper embrace of St. Paul’s words, “Christ’s body is yourselves.” More than ethics, rituals, or structures, the Church is our communion: the few friends with whom I share my life, the millions I’ll never meet, all those wounded who’ve felt compelled to leave, all of us sinners who stay."

Read the full article on the Catholic Standard.