Photo by Amy Hickl.

Angelus News on The Life of Luigi Giussani

We propose an article published on the Catholic news outlet Angelus News on the March 12 Life of Luigi Giussani panel in Los Angeles, California.

"Asked how he describes CL to anyone asking for the first time, Piccarolo said simply, 'Come and see.' It is an iconic quote of Jesus referenced in John 1:39, but it was also frequently used by Giussani, whose cause for sainthood was launched in 2012.

'The first thing Giussani would say in class is: I’m not here to convince you of anything but to give you a criteria so how you can face your life in Christ,' said Piccarolo. ... 'This is about a daily discovery, a passion for life, which is not always easy in LA. You may be driving for hours to get to work every day. You move around. So what sustains your life? My encounter with Christ helps me understand my surroundings.'"

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