Church - 2023

Benedict XVI (Catholic Press Photo)

Benedict XVI: The decisive direction

ChurchPietro Luca Azzaro*

One year after his death, we remember Joseph Ratzinger and his deep bond with Saint Augustine, centred on the theme of conversion, only possible if one loves and recognizes oneself as loved.

The Exercises of CL University Students. Rimini, 8-10 December 2023

Rimini: the courage to live like this

ChurchGuglielmo Mina

The CLU Spiritual Exercises as experienced by a graduate student. The songs, the prayer, the lessons... Gestures already seen many times, yet a provocation to abandon one's "silent bourgeois attitude," to reawaken the wonder of the beginning.

CL young people visiting the Porziuncola (Andrea Grossoni/Fraternity CL)

Assisi: with new eyes

ChurchMaria Acqua Simi

Questions about pain, being parents, issues at work... And the surprise of a faith that "informs life" in a lived communion. The meeting of over four hundred young people from CL

Cardinal Pietro Parolin (Catholic Press Photo)

What unites

ChurchStefano Filippi

Vatican diplomacy faces the test of a “third world war fought in piecemeal.” The task of Christians and the radical crisis of trust. In the December issue of Traces, a dialogue with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Secretary of State of the Holy See.

Cardinal Raphael Louis Sako (Massimo Migliorato/Catholic Press Photo)

Middle East: "How much light does that little light emanate"

ChurchMaria Acqua Simi

A troubled history still today, victims of humiliation and persecution. But which hides no signs of peace, dialogue and hope, while the nearby Holy Land burns. Chaldean Cardinal Sako talks about the Christian presence in Kurdistan and Iraq.

Pope Francis at the 22 November Audience (Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

Pope Francis: "God chooses one in order to love everyone"

ChurchPope Francis

In the Gospel "there is a 'humanizing power', a fulfilment of life that is destined for every man and woman, because Christ was born, died, and rose again for everyone." The General Audience of Wednesday, 22 November.

Archbishop Pezzi during the Synod of Bishops (Alessia Giuliani/Catholic Press Photo)

The cornerstones of the Synod

ChurchPaolo Pezzi*

The 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops took place from 4 to 29 October. Here is the experience of Monsignor Paolo Pezzi, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Mother of God in Moscow.

A woman after the bombing that hit a Greek Orthodox parish in Gaza (photo Ansa-Dpa/Mohammad Abu Elsebah)

"We implore peace"


CL adheres to the day of prayer, fasting, penance on 27 October, called by the Pope. The communities of the movement are invited to get involved in the initiatives proposed in the parishes and dioceses.

Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem (Photo: GP/Catholic Press Photo)

Pizzaballa: "Christ won the world by loving"

ChurchPierbattista Pizzaballa*

The Hamas-Israel war does not stop. The Patriarch of Jerusalem writes to the faithful of his diocese: "God’s answer to the question of why the righteous suffer, is not an explanation, but a Presence". The text of the letter

Jerusalem, Holy Sepulchre (Catholic Press Photo)

“Only God can give true peace”


CL joins Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa's call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace on Tuesday 17 October. Here the words of Davide Prosperi and of the Patriarch

The beginning of the Synod of Bishops in Rome (Catholic Press Photo)

Synod: A time to listen

ChurchLuca Fiore

The Synod opens today in Rome. In this interview with Traces, Cardinal Mario Grech, Secretary General of the Assembly of Bishops, explained why the Church is called to reflect on itself.

Wiktoria Niemczak Ulma with her children

Poland: The Ulmas and holiness next door


Polish friends attended the beatification of the family killed by the Nazis for hiding Jews: "They taught us that holiness is a possible path for everyone.”

Pope Francis blesses the statue of Our Lady Mother of Heaven (Photo: Vatican Media / Catholic Press Photo)

Mongolia: "We are all nomads of God"

ChurchStefano Maria Paci

The SkyTg24 vaticanist, following the Pope, recounts the apostolic visit to the Asian country. The small flock of 1,500 Catholics, the faithful who came from China and that boy who will receive Baptism at Christmas…

Cardinal Zuppi at the Rimini Meeting (Photo: Ansa)

Zuppi: The true nature of friendship

ChurchMatteo Maria Zuppi*

The homily of the Archbishop of Bologna and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, at the opening Mass of the 2023 Rimini Meeting.