Church - 2008

Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran. Via Wikimedia Commons

A Dialogue that Rests on a Certainty

ChurchRiccardo Piol

The letter from 138 Muslims to Benedict XVI, the visits of Muslim notables to the Vatican, and the Pope’s reply to Prince Ghazi. “Who is my God and how do I live my faith?” An interview with Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

The Rebound of a Presence

ChurchAlberto Savorana

Marco Bersanelli, astrophysicist at the University of Milan, and Costantino Esposito, philosopher at the University of Bari, provoked by reading the encyclical on hope, discuss it here, together with Traces.

'Sermon on the Mount' by Artist Carl Bloch via Wikimedia Commons

Jesus and the Meaning of the Parables

ChurchJosé Miguel García

In our third article on the Pope’s book, we try to understand better the use that Christ made of those vivid, clear stories of everyday life to show us the truth, the foundation of all things.