Church - 2009

Icon of Saint Benedict. Creative Commons CC0

The Silence that Fills Life

ChurchAlessandra Buzzetti

We went to visit the Trappist monastery so tied to our history, where 70 cloistered nuns dedicate themselves to God through communion, living an experience that makes them enter into the world more than those who actually live “in” the world.

The Power of Charity

ChurchDavide Perillo

Giorgio Vittadini, President of the Subsidiarity Foundation, comments on Benedict XVI’s new encyclical, starting from what moves social action: “The desire of the ‘I.’”

Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini. Via Wikimedia Commons

Frances Cabrini: A Mother in Little Italy

ChurchPaola Bergamini

This is the story of a saint who was able to build a new humanity even in moments of great difficulty, an Italian nun who dreamed of being a missionary in the Far East but was told by the Pope: “Your China is the United States of America”–and she obeyed.

Pope Benedict XVI. Flickr

What Is At Stake is the Nature of the Church

ChurchStefano Alberto

Pope Benedict XVI has often been attacked by the mass media through mischaracterization and a sensationalizing of his comments. In what way are we to follow the Pope and what is his role in the world?

St. Peter's Square. Creative Commons CC0

Worldly Hegemony? No, the Offer of a Hope to “Invest” Here Below

ChurchAngelo Scola

Does the Church provide us "a civil religion, a mere ethical element"? Is it "the annunciation of the pure, naked Cross for the salvation of 'every other'"? In a polemic society such as ours, what is the nature of the Church and Her place in the world?

Mother and Child. Creative Commons CC0

Our Africa

ChurchAlessandra Stoppa

Opened on October 4th, The African Synod reaches out to people with a strong religious sense, a risk of spiritualism, and a thirsting for a “God who is near.” We present here witnesses who live the wounds and the hopes of a continually growing Church.

A Wall in Palestine. Flickr

Where Everything Began

ChurchAlessandra Stoppa

From the wall that cuts Bethlehem in two, to the classrooms in the Palestinian universities; then Salwa, Tommaso, the Guardian…the life of people who take their faith seriously, with a “vocation inside the vocation.”

Cardinal Marc Ouellet. Wikimedia Commons

The Word of God Happens

ChurchJohn Zucchi

“What struck me most about the Synod was the unity.” The Primate of Canada revisits a milestone in the life of the Church: the encounter with Christ; the relationship between faith and exegesis; and the movements.