Church - 2013

Father Luigi Giussani

A Life That Continues

ChurchDavide Perillo

The CL founder's biography has just been released in Italy. In this interview author Alberto Savorana, speaks about his work experience and rediscovering everything he lived at Giussani’s side. The result is a work that offers us Fr. Giussani- alive.

Pope Benedict XVI. Wikimedia Commons

General Audience

ChurchBenedict XVI

In this General Audience by Pope Benedict XVI he speaks of his decision to renounce the ministry of Pope and to retire. He then speaks of Lent and Christ's temptations in the wilderness. We all have a choice "...between human power and love of the Cross".

St. Peter's Square. Wikimedia Commons

There was Someone in that Square Who Changed All of Us

ChurchAlessandra Banfi

A witness to Pope Francis' longest speech yet and his encouragement to not withdraw into ourselves, but rather to "...become engaged in the New Evangelization, through a simple return to Jesus Christ..."

Patron Saint of Missionaries 'St. Francis Xavier' by Miguel Cabrera via Wikimedia Commons

Who Knows Why?

ChurchLuca Fiore

It was in 1993 when Fr. Giussani sent him around the world for the first time. Fr. Ambrogio Pisoni, visitor for the CL communities in the East, tells us about his 20 years of traveling: “What Christ works is more powerful than any cultural condition.”

Pope Benedict XVI. Creative Commons CC0

The Irreducibility of a Man

ChurchDavide Perillo

The humility of the beginning and the ending of Pope Benedict XVI's pontificate indicate the true content of his steps. Theologian Javier Prades looks back with us on these past eight years.