Church - 2003

Blessed Virgin Mary. Wikimedia Commons

Wind of War: the Pope's War

ChurchJohn Paul II

The Pope is for peace, he is not a pacifist. Only the peace of God can restore hope to mankind. The Holy See’s concern in the Pontiff’s most recent statements.

Jonathan Edwards. Wikimedia Commons

The Thinker of Puritan New England

ChurchElisa Buzzi

Called a “fire and brimstone preacher”- Edwards was a strong defender of the intellectual tradition of Puritan theology and the “Great Awakening,” during a period that saw the spread of an Enlightenment, deistic type of rationalistic mentality.

Cardinal Maurice Michael Otunga

On the Death of a Father

ChurchValerio Valeri

Remembering the Cardinal and Archbishop Emeritus of Nairobi, the most important figure in the history of the Movement in Kenya. He fostered and accompanied the steps of a presence, to the last. The CL community’s final salute.

Cardinal Francis George. Wikimedia Commons

Education and Mission

ChurchFrancis Cardinal George

Cardinal George met the North American Responsibles of CL during the Diakonia in mid-January. His encounter with the Movement, Fr Giussani’s books, and faith in America: “Your communion is what makes people free.”