Jerusalem, Holy Sepulchre (Catholic Press Photo)

“Only God can give true peace”

CL joins Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa's call for a day of prayer and fasting for peace on Tuesday 17 October. Here the words of Davide Prosperi and of the Patriarch

Communion and Liberation joins the invitation of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, Cardinal Pizzaballa, to dedicate Tuesday October 17 to prayer, fasting and abstinence for peace and reconciliation.

Davide Prosperi, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, states:
"We deeply share the recent words of Pope Francis: 'Terrorism and extremism do not help to reach a solution to the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians, but fuel hatred, violence, revenge, causing suffering to both sides. The Middle East does not need war but peace, a peace built on justice, dialogue and the courage of fraternity.'
In expressing our heartfelt closeness to the many innocent people who are experiencing moments of tremendous sorrow and death, and without forgetting the responsibility of those who attack, we feel all the more provoked to become aware of the fact that man is incapable to himself and that only God can give true peace.
Anchored in the infinite love that Christ–who was born in that very land which is now in such distress–gave to every human being as a path to fulfillment, let us offer to Him in prayer each of our small but necessary attempts to build places of dialogue and fraternity, as Francis asks us to do.
Thus, in unity with the Church and all those who truly desire peace, we join the invitation addressed by Card. Pizzaballa. The movement will organize on a personal, family and community level to adequately live this day of entrustment to God, considering it also a concrete moment of encounter and mission to all people.”

“Since he is not the God of disorder but of peace”
(1 Cor 14,33)

Dear brothers and sisters, May the Lord indeed give us His peace!

The pain and dismay at what is happening is great. Once again we find ourselves in the midst of a political and military crisis. We have suddenly been catapulted into a sea of unprecedented violence. The hatred, which we have unfortunately already been experiencing for too long, will increase even more, and the ensuing spiral of violence will create more destruction. Everything seems to speak of death.
Yet, in this time of sorrow and dismay, we do not want to remain helpless. We cannot let death and its sting (1 Cor 15:55) be the only word we hear.
This is why we feel the need to pray, to turn our hearts to God the Father. Only in this way we can draw the strength and serenity needed to endure these hard times, by turning to Him, in prayer and intercession, to implore and cry out to God amidst this anguish.

On behalf of all the Ordinaries of the Holy Land, I invite all parishes and religious communities to a day of fasting and prayer for peace and reconciliation.
We ask that on Tuesday, October 17, everyone hold a day of fasting, abstinence, and prayer. Let us organize prayer times with Eucharistic Adoration and with the recitation of the Rosary to Our Blessed Virgin Mary. Although most probably in many parts of our dioceses circumstances will not permit large gatherings, it is possible to organize simple and sober common moments of prayer in parishes, religious communities, and families.

This is the way we all come together despite everything, and unite collectively in prayer, to deliver to God the Father out thirst for peace, justice and reconciliation.

With sincere prayers for all,

+Pierbattista Card. Pizzaballa
Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem