A selection drawn from the Italian and international media
Carrón on Coronavirus: "This is how we learn to conquer fear in times of difficulty"Current Events"It is a presence, not our strategies, our intelligence or our bravery, that propels and sustains each of our lives." The President of the Fraternity's letter to Corriere della Sera from 1 March.Julián Carrón
Carrón: "Christmas is the Encounter with the reality of men and women" Current Events"God chooses precisely this human state, which no attempt seems able to alter, to challenge the throwaway culture with the newness of a gaze that illuminates the infinite value of every single man." Julián Carrón's letter to 'Corriere della Sera'.Julián Carrón
Carrón: "The Surprise of Christmas: Victory over Fear"Current Events"God’s audacious initiative to Mary also reaches us this Christmas, renewing the announcement of a radical newness." Fr. Julián Carrón's article published in the "Corriere della Sera" on December 23.Julián Carrón
Church and Society: Facing the Same Crossroads Current Events“The values that sustained our ability to build together have grown weak. The Church and society have the same problem.” We publish an article by Fr. Julián Carrón published on the Spanish newspaper ABC on October 13, 2018.Julián Carrón
The announcement of salvation The Christmas of Jesus is truly for everyone, no one excluded Current EventsThe article of Fr. Julián Carrón, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation in the publication Avennire of Dec. 22, 2017.Julián Carrón
Traditional Rights and Founding ValuesFrom the PressFr. Julián Carrón's letter to the editor in response to protests addressing same-sex unions was published by Corriere della Sera.Julián Carrón
Modern man in search of the lightAltroLa Repubblica, September 18, 2013, p. 1Julián Carrón
As Beggars of FaithAltroPope Francis’ meeting with Ecclesial MovementsJulián Carrón
Ratzinger's CrossCurrent EventsAn editorial commentary by Fr. Julián Carrón. Of Pope Benedict's resignation he says, "Not only his freedom, but also the Pope’s capacity to read reality, to understand the signs of the times, announces the presence of Christ."

Julián Carrón