2013 Twin Cities Pride Parade, Minneapolis. Photo by Tony Webster via Flickr

Traditional Rights and Founding Values

Fr. Julián Carrón's letter to the editor in response to protests addressing same-sex unions was published by Corriere della Sera.
Julián Carrón

The following letter first appeared in Corriere della Sera on January 24, 2016.

"Dear editor,

after months of discussion regarding civil unions, Cirinnà’s bill has reached the Parliament, prompting yet another public demonstration; two actually, one in favor and one against. Those supporting the initiative demand new rights be recognized, and those in opposition do so to defend traditional rights.

What causes the bitterness in this open conflict? One contingent of the public opinion claims these new rights are a step forward in civilization, while another considers them an attack to the founding values of Western civilization. Therefore, the social and political divides caused by these issues are seemingly irreconcilable. What’s behind the strong attraction and aversion?"


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