A selection drawn from international media
Fr. Luigi Giussani: his gaze penetrated your soulCurrent EventsOn the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the death of Fr. Giussani, Vatican Radio interviewed Fr. Julián Carrón, the President of the Fraternity. "His legacy? Having introduced us to an experience of faith that continues to fascinate us". Roberta Gisotti
Carrón: "The 'Unbalanced' Power of Christianity"Current EventsThe societal crisis and the role of the Church. "Man needs to be embraced in the full 'density of his humanity.'" We publish an interview with Fr. Carrón from the Osservatore Romano.Andrea Monda
Carrón to La Croix: “In front of the European crisis, Christians are called to give witness"Current EventsWhat is happening in Europe? How have the faithful been challenging themselves? How can we re-propose the faith in this context? We publish Carrón's interview with French magazine La Croix.
Carrón: “In the darkness, if there is some light, it is seen better”Current EventsAt BergamoIncontra, Julián Carrón concluded his series on Luigi Giussani's The Religious Sense. We publish his interview with the Eco di Bergamo.Carlo Dignola
Carrón: “The various forms of sovereignism are losing propositions. Christians must overcome fear” Current Events"Migrants are not just numbers. They are people, personal stories."An interview with Fr. Julián Carrón on "Il Corriere della Sera."Gian Guido Vecchi
The Event of Christianity, A thing of Beauty: Q & A with Father Julian CarrónCurrent Events"We will eventually be Christians, not by obligation or tradition, but because of our fascination with Christ." Fr. Julián Carrón was interviewed by Denver Catholic in light of the publication of Disarming Beauty.Karna Lozoya
Julián Carrón: "Others do not create problems for us; others make us aware of the problems we have" Current EventsInterview with Ángel L. Fernández Recuero & Julián Carrón. They speak about politics, reason, and science and explained the roots of the change that is taking place in Western society, with the Enlightenment as the key element. Ángel L. Fernández Recuero
Freedom, a crucial challenge for our faithFrom the PressGirolamo Fazzini from Credere interviewed Father Julián Carrón on the role of freedom in the Catholic faith. Gerolamo Fazzini
Carrón: CL Does Not Need an Enemy, Nor Does It Live For The Crumbs that Fall From The Table of the PowerfulCurrent EventsIn 2012, the Movement was going through difficult times. Dario Di Vico interviewed Fr. Julián Carrón on Communion and Liberation's political engagement and corruption accusations. Dario Di Vico