The centenary issue of Traces: "The beautiful day"

Read the editorial of the October issue of Traces dedicated to the centenary of Fr. Giussani.
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Towards the Audience: on pilgrimage to St. Peter's

The letter from Davide Prosperi, president of the CL Fraternity, ahead of the meeting with Pope Francis in Rome on October 15.
(Photo: Ansa)
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From the recognition of a good, a unity of judgment: An education of the people is necessary

An article by the President of the Fraternity of CL following the Italian general election results.

The result of the Italian elections highlights several aspects that are worth reflecting on. The first evidence is the confidence that a clear majority of voters gave to a particular political proposal, confidence on which the stability of the new governm...

Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, secretary-general of the World Muslim League, with the President of the Meeting Bernhard Scholz (©Archivio Meeting)

At the source of the human

From the September issue of Tracce, excerpts from the dialogue at the Meeting dedicated to Fr. Giussani with Muhammad Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa, Secretary General of the Islamic World League.

Wael Farouq. In 1990 I was 16 years old and, like any normal Egyptian Muslim boy, I was reading Al-Mutanabbi, a great Arab poet, along with William Shakespeare. I grew up, like most of my peers, with both cultures: the Islamic Arab and the Western. My big...

Gulu, Uganda

"You exist to make things beautiful"

A few weeks in Uganda working on an AVSI project with orphaned children in Gulu. Agnese, a high school student, share her experience at the Equipe of teachers at GS high-school students.

This summer, in July, I went to Uganda to work with AVSI thanks to a call for applications that allows students over 16 to spend a few weeks collaborating on their projects. I left with the desire to meet the faces of those women who had moved me in Rose’...

Astana (©Ansa/Igor Kovalenko)

Kazakhstan: "But who are you?"

A work trip to Astana and Almaty, meeting the CL community there. And the surprise of Bettina’s colleagues at her way of being and her friendships.

When I am abroad for work, I try to visit local communities. In Doha, Qatar, I met Sara and Chiara. When I told them that I was going to Kazakhstan, I asked if they knew anyone there and immediately got Silvia's contact details. She wrote to me, "I am sen...

Gus Powell (New York, 1974). He is a lecturer for the Master of Photography program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two daughters (©Archive Meeting)

Gus Powell: "I’m still on the journey"

The New York-based photographer, the author of the images shown at the Meeting's "Family Car Trouble" exhibition, recounts his encounter with people in Rimini. Translated from the September issue of Tracce.

I met Gus Powell in 2019 thanks to his book, Family Car Trouble. Three years later, I have curated the exhibition based on that volume for the Rimini Meeting. He was at the Meeting for a week, first setting up the exhibition and then giving tours. He says...

Víctor Pérez-Díaz, a sociologist at Harvard University and Complutense University in Madrid, at the presentation of Fr. Giussani's biography in Madrid.

Giussani and Leopardi: Beacons in the fog

He is one of the great scholars of our society, a place under construction whose questions are still wide-open. And where there is still an "impulse to reach the sublime", which he recognizes in two men. A conversation with Víctor Pérez-Díaz.

Víctor Pérez-Díaz, perhaps the most renowned sociologist in Spain, assures in his latest essay, Faros en la niebla (Lighthouses in the Fog), that secularization can be an occasion for religious experience. He adds that, at this time, "the sense of drama i...

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A Life Lived to the Full: a Tender Passion for the Person

A series of testimonies from speakers across the world organised by the community of Communion and Liberation in Ireland on who Fr. Giussani was and how his charism is still relevant today.

In this centenary year of the birth of Fr. Luigi Giussani (1922 – 2005), the Catholic community of Communion and Liberation in Ireland warmly invites you to a series of talks with the theme ‘A Life Lived to the Full – A Tender Passion for the Person’. ...

Messages for the death of Queen Elizabeth II

The telegram sent by Pope Francis to King Charles III on the death of Elizabeth II, and the homily of Cardinal Vincent Nichols, Archbishop of Windsor, at the Queen's requiem mass at Westminster Cathedral on Sunday 11 September 2022.
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International assembly: Notes from the introduction

Notes from Davide Prosperi’s introduction to the International Assembly of Leaders of Communion and Liberation (La Thuile, August 26, 2022).
The June 20, 2022 conference at the Pontifical Lateran University
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"Movements and new communities", formation on charisms

The contribution of the President of the fraternity of CL at the theological conference held June 20th at the Pontifical Lateran University, which helps to “look more deeply at what co-essentiality between charism and institution means.”

Responding to Cardinal Kevin Farrell’s invitation to engage in appropriate formation work on the theme of the charisms in the Church, I think it could be useful to share with you, while we wait for the official acts, the video of the theological conferenc...

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Giussani: The exhibition in English and other features

The virtual exhibition created for the Giussani's centenary of the birth of CL's is now also available in English for Windows and Mac PCs. All the information and instructions for the guided tour can be found on the website.
Fr. Luigi Giussani
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War and Mercy

Although the scenario is different, we re-propose the words of Fr. Giussani on the war in Iraq (Corriere della sera, April 8, 2003), as a contribution to the judgment on the current situation in Ukraine.

Dear Editor, In the bursting of bombs and the burning of cities, what brings back the truth of things to my eyes is the thought of Jesus’ death. I am not able to explain it to myself except by saying this: following Christ who goes to His death on the ...

A woman fleeing at the border of Medyka (Photo: Attila Husejnow/Sipa USA/Mondadori Portfolio).
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CL with the Pope: No to the war in Ukraine

The statement released by the movement regarding the conflict. "We are with all those who are working to stop the horror of this war. But how fragile is the desire for peace if it does not become a task, a daily responsibility."