Christmas 2022: The videoposter

A detail of Caravaggio's "Madonna of the Pilgrims" accompanies the words of Fr. Giussani and Pope Francis.
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The war in Ukraine and the "prophecy for peace"

The CL flyer on the situation of conflict in Ukraine. It is a contribution offered to all to understand the value of Pope Francis' judgment and to promote public initiatives of prayer and discussion.
Vladimir Zelinsky (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)
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The true dimension of dialogue

All wars, if they do not crush the opponent, end in negotiations. Which are a form of dialogue. But this is not what Pope Francis calls for. An Orthodox priest reacts to the CL flyer on peace.

The tragic paradox of the current war, like many other wars, consists in the fact that the belligerent parties are definitely in favor of peace. Indeed, even of dialogue. But what kind of dialogue? Are we not already in dialogue in the current situation? ...

A heart full of wondrous love

Filled with a sense of freedom and belonging, Teresa shares what is happening in her life in Kansas.
Bethlehem (Photo: Unsplash/Jorge Fernández Salas)

Supreme affection

The nostalgia for distant relationships and her decision to follow online. From Bethlehem, Caterina recounts her experience of the Audience with Pope Francis. From the November issue of Tracce.

The first thing that prompted me to watch the Audience live was a very human desire: to be part, in my own way, of what was happening to all the people dearest to me. They were all there. For what reason? Because of a story of gratitude. For nothing else ...

Federica Irene Falomi in Cappadocia

Turkey: A new desire

Seven years ago, she made an encounter that changed her life. Then she had to move to a distant country. A testimony from Istanbul.

Translated from the October issue of 'Tracce'. I have been living in Istanbul for two years, where I moved for work. I am 33 years old and am a UN official. Throughout the whole of Turkey, there are only two of us of CL: me and Paul, who lives on the c...

"Your pain is my pain"

The Pope writes a long letter to the Ukrainian people nine months into the war. His appeals and other contributions here
Aaron Richies, born in 1974, teaches at Benedictine College in Atchison, Kansas.
US, UK and More

United States: Discovering life

A theologian who met Fr. Giussani’s thought and then met a young boy, both of them shaking his faith and life. Leading to a proposal of a university course on Giussani. From the October issue of Traces.

When Fr. Carrón announced the centenary of the birth of Fr. Giussani, he proposed that we take a personal interest in the gesture for a single and essential reason: “To witness what Fr. Giussani has generated in us.” I was provoked to consider what differ...

Pope Francis' letter

The Audience: The Pope's letter

In St. Peter's Square on October 15, Davide Prosperi delivered a letter of thanks to Francis. Here is the Holy Father's response

From the Vatican, October 18, 2022 Dear Brother, I would like to express my thanks for the letter dated October 15, which you sent to me on behalf of the movement of Communion and Liberation. I greatly appreciated the expressions of your affection ...

Davide Prosperi at the International Assembly of leaders of the movement
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Life: The response to Another who is calling me

Notes from Davide Prosperi’s Summary at the International Assembly of Leaders of Communion (La Thuile, August 30, 2022).
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“Let this holy prophetic and missionary restlessness burn in your hearts"

The booklet of the Holy Father Pope Francis' Audience with Communion and Liberation on the occasion of the centenary of Fr. Luigi Giussani's birth (October 15, 2022, St. Peter's Square).

" [...] We are gathered to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Msgr Luigi Giussani. And we do so with gratitude in our hearts, as we have heard from Rose and Hassina. I express my personal gratitude for the good it did for me, as a priest, to contem...

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Our path

The letter from Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, to the entire movement after the Audience with Pope Francis.
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Giussani: The exhibition in English and other features

The virtual exhibition created for the Giussani's centenary of the birth of CL's is now also available in English for Windows and Mac PCs. All the information and instructions for the guided tour can be found on the website.
The June 20, 2022 conference at the Pontifical Lateran University
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"Movements and new communities", formation on charisms

The contribution of the President of the fraternity of CL at the theological conference held June 20th at the Pontifical Lateran University, which helps to “look more deeply at what co-essentiality between charism and institution means.”

Responding to Cardinal Kevin Farrell’s invitation to engage in appropriate formation work on the theme of the charisms in the Church, I think it could be useful to share with you, while we wait for the official acts, the video of the theological conferenc...