The "thank you" sung behind bars

The volunteers of Incontro e Presenza brought Fr. Giussani's centenary exhibition to the Opera prison in Milan. In the prisoners' stories, the figure of a priest they never knew, who is changing their lives
(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
About CLThe Christian Proposal as the Adventure of Life
School of CommunityThe notes and indications of method
Jimmy Tamba at the Rimini Meeting (Archivio Meeting)
Sierra Leone: the fruit of a friendshipFrom former child soldier to foster father. Jimmy Tamba recounts his meeting with Fr. Berton, CL and the Nembrini family
Russian writer and dissident Mikhail Shiskin (Archivio Meeting)
Mikhail Shishkin: "Only culture can rebuild"An interview with Mikhail Shishkin, one of the greatest contemporary Russian authors, now in exile
Venezuela: "Within fatigue, we are joyful Christians" Cardinal Baltazar Enrique Porras Cardozo speaks on the Meeting's exhibition on Blessed José Gregorio Hernández
An embrace that holds Kazakhstan and Mongolia togetherFr. Pier had the opportunity to participate in the Pope's visit to the Asian country
The Meeting's exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer, Syria (Archivio Meeting))
"Our work and the footprint of God"The experience of those who curated and acted as guides for the Rimini exhibition on the Trappist monastery of Azer
Pope Francis blesses the statue of Our Lady Mother of Heaven (Photo: Vatican Media / Catholic Press Photo)
Mongolia: "We are all nomads of God"The SkyTg24 vaticanist, recounts the apostolic visit to the Asian country
The exhibition of Charles Péguy (Archivio Meeting)
My meeting with Charles and Dorothy A young university graduate recounts her two days in Rimini. Here is what struck her
Rimini, Bruno Corà speaks at the exhibition dedicated to Alberto Burri (Archivio Meeting)
Alberto Burri: Never be stillAn interview with Bruno Corà, President of the Alberto Burri Foundation, who was a guest at the Rimini Meeting
A hike during the holiday
So that holidays don’t remain a memoryThe walks in the Dolomites, the news of a friend's death. What does it really mean to undertake a journey?
"A sign that hope is possible"During his visit, Francis met with representatives of the various religious traditions present in the Asian country. Here his speech at the "Hun Theatre" in Ulaanbaatar.
A moved heart changes historyA crying Armenian woman and the Emir of Sharjah. What happened at the Meeting
Germany: When 'yes' is enoughThe presentation of 'The Religious Sense' of a small community near Munich
The US Supreme Court building in Washington (Photo: Unsplash/Tim Mossholder)
Scotus and affirmative actionan American universities' attempt to pursue the inclusion of ethnic minorities become a form of discrimination? A dialogue with Paolo Carozza tries to shed light on the recent US debate.
Towards the Meeting 2024The final press release and the title of the 2024 edition
(Photo: Archivio Meeting)
Prosperi: "What makes the impossible possible"From 'Avvenire', an interview with the President of the Fraternity
(Photo: Rimini Meeting)
Meeting 2023: The Pope's messageThe Holy Father's words signed by Cardinal Parolin, on the occasion of the 44th edition.
Zuppi: The true nature of friendshipThe homily of the Archbishop of Bologna at the opening Mass of the 2023 Rimini Meeting.
(Photo: Meeting di Rimini)
Without second thoughts: a friendship for destiny A contribution on the title of the 2023 edition of the Rimini Meeting.
Friendship radiates the world"Friendship is a gift from God that goes before us, so it is inexhaustible. And it has a very strong cultural impact." An interview with Bernhard Scholz, President of the Rimini Meeting, in the August issue of Tracce.
WYD: A diverse people and certainty that is infectiousPortuguese vaticanist Aura Miguel recounts her World Youth Day.
Daniele Mencarelli (Photo: Rimini Meeting)
The need for the unimaginableIn August Traces, a conversation with writer Daniele Mencarelli on Fr. Giussani’s challenge inThe Religious Sense.
Szymborska: Nothing is ordinaryOn the centenary of her birth, a portrait of the Nobel Prize-winning Polish poetess
Towards WYD in Lisbon (Photo: COD Lisboa)
WYD: "Life is a task"The words to high school and college students on pilgrimage to Lisbon.
A street in Havana
Cuba: Change of frequencyThe Cuban community gathered to follow the presentation of The Religious Sense. Alejandro's story from the latest issue of "Huellas”.
Enrique Arroyo, Director of the Colegio J.H. Newman in Madrid
Madrid: "My adventure with Newman”The encounter with the movement at age 17 and the birth of a school. The story of Enrique Arroyo.
"Do not be hopeless"The debate on Physician Assisted Suicide in the US. An American physician shares her experience.
Meeting Brno 2023: The possible embraceA historic dialogue, meetings at symbolic places of divisions, the Pilgrimage of Reconciliation.
The Religious Sense - presentation in Milan (05.02.2023)
Easter 2023. The videposter
Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"
Pope Francis' audience with CL
Giussani: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar" (1998)
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