Flooding: signs of hope for life

Davide Prosperi's letter to "Corriere della Sera," after visiting communities in Emilia-Romagna.
(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
About CLThe Christian Proposal as the Adventure of Life
School of CommunityThe notes and indications of method
A source of faith and unity for allThe presentation of The Religious Sense at the University of Oxford’s Catholic Chaplaincy.
Photo: Unsplash/Brandi Alexandra
"These nuns are not afraid"A Sunday morning with the Missionaries of Charity among the homeless. An account of a day of charitable work in San Francesco.
Florence and Obote Milton
Uganda: Florence's three prayersShe is one of "Rose's women." Her husband was murdered two weeks before their church wedding. Here is their story
Sant'Agata sul Santerno (Photo: Giacomo Bellavista)
"In the footsteps of the good that moves everything"A photographer recounts what he saw happening amid the flooding in Italy through the lens of his camera.
That "caress" in the darkness of a garage More stories and testimonies from the territories flooded in Emilia Romagna. Because you can help even at a distance, even without your boots or hands in the mud
The forgiveness of a mother Jim Foley was kidnapped and beheaded by Isis in Syria. His mother met his murderer. Here is her story
An unreserved friendshipDavide Prosperi's message to the movement for the emergency in Emilia-Romagna, with how to help.
Emanuela Vismara in the oncology ward
"Infinitely, will you be here?"A work “within” her work. From May Tracce, the experience of Emanuela Vismara, a young nurse in a pediatric oncology ward.
Flooding: a community in motionTwo testimonies from Forlì and Cesena, hit by the flooding in Italy.
"It was 3:59”Traveling to Atlanta for work, Steve meets the CL community and Alvin, who shared with him the specific moment when he “first bumped into Christ”.
Bergoglio on Giussani's The Religious SenseOn May 2 The Religious Sense was presented in Milan. Here is a 1998 speech by Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the then Archbishop of Buenos Aires, during a meeting on the book in the Argentine capital.
Monsignor Paolo Martinelli (Photo: Massimiliano Migliorato/Catholic Press Photo)
Christians in Yemen, a tenacious presence The Vicar Apostolic in Southern Arabia, Monsignor Paolo Martinelli, speaks of what is happening there.
The visit to the Shrine of Our Lady Consolata in Paljurska during the vacation of the Balkan communities in Macedonia
"That common thread that binds us"The small communities of the movement from the Balkans gathered in Macedonia at the end of March for a vacation.
The Via Crucis at Auschwitz
At the Golgotha of Auschwitz for peaceA Via Crucis in the symbolic place of the Holocaust to respond to Pope Francis’ appeal for peace.
Boris Gudziak (Catholic Press Photo)
Ukraine: Safeguard your heartAn interview with the Metropolitan Archbishop of Philadelphia of the Ukrainian Catholic Church (from Traces)
Easter 2023. The videposter
Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"
Pope Francis' audience with CL
Giussani: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar" (1998)
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