Easter 2023. The videoposter

The words of Pope Francis and Fr. Giussani accompany a canvas by Caspar David Friedrich this year, "Easter Morning".
Sergio Mattarella visiting the Saint Kizito Vti school (Photo: Ansa)

Kenya: Joy and the president

During his visit to the African country, the Italian President Matterella also stopped at the Saint Kizito Vti vocational school set up by AVSI and fruit of Fr. Giussani's educational passion.

Dear friends, we wanted to share with you the great event of the visit of the President of the Italian Republic, Sergio Mattarella, during his state trip to Kenya, to the oldest of the schools born from AVSI's work in the country: the Saint Kizito Vti. It...


"How do we adhere?"

"Trevor’s face is a new beginning for us now, in an even deeper way than it was when he was alive. It is a reliable reminder of the mystery of God. " A letter from Rosie and Sean Wood who lost their son Trevor suddenly in December .
Maria Grazia Zambon in Konya, Turkey

Turkey: "My open questions, amid the rubble"

A missionary for 20 years in Anatolia, Maria Grazia Zambon recounts how she experienced the earthquake, and what she saw happen in the affected areas. "A catastrophe that revealed the truth of the human heart".

When the first news of the earthquake began to leak, Maria Grazia Zambon was in Konya, the Turkish city visited by St. Paul, now one of the holy places of the mystical Islam of the dervishes, that was not hit by the tremors. It was one of the lucky areas,...

Pope Francis during an audience (Catholic Press Photo)

Ten years as Pope, living the real intensely

Alejandro Bonet, an Argentinean Professor of the Social Doctrine of the Church, reflects on Francis' pontificate, on the anniversary of his election.

Francis is the 266th pope. His election was a truly historic event that has surpassed all possible measures of human reason. He shows us that the initiative, to guide history towards its full and total fulfilment, remains in God’s hands and not man’s, wit...

Eric Varden during the dialogue in New York (Photo: NY Encounter)

Bringing forth the fountain

A dialogue with Erik Varden, Cistercian monk and Bishop of Trondheim, a guest for the first time at the New York Encounter. From the March issue of Tracce.

“It is a warm environment. There is a healthy energy and a spirit of welcome and friendship. I notice that the content of the speeches and conversations have substance." Erik Varden wanders around the Metropolitan Pavillion in a black-and-white Cistercian...

Ambra Villa
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A whole life to reach Jesus’ arms

The message of Monsignor Filippo Santoro, pontifical delegate for Memores Domini, on the death of Ambra Villa, which he sent to the Gruppo Adulto house where she lived.

Dear friends, our Lenten penance is particularly acute today: Ambra has left us. Although her condition had been precarious for some time, her death surprises and moves us. Let us not forget her speeches during assemblies, moved by a passion often overwh...

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Someone with me

What happened at the New York Encounter? Over the weekend in Manhattan stories, reflections, exhibitions, about a faith in action. At the test of our time. An account of the weekend. From the January issue of Tracce.

For a little over a year, Hannah has been in charge of the CL community’s newsletter in the United States. On the eve of the New York Encounter, she asked for advice on how to cover the event. We talked via Zoom and I realized that apart from the technica...

A woman weeps over the coffin of a victim of the Crotone shipwreck (Photo: Ansa)
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"Let us face the reality of migration together"

An Islamo-Christian appeal promoted by the Oasis Foundation and joined by numerous figures from the Christian and Muslim world.

The latest tragic shipwreck of a migrants boat in the Mediterranean Sea calls everyone to take responsibility. Because of its complexity, the migratory phenomenon needs solutions of various kinds, taking into account the political, social, economic and en...

The true frontier of human dignity

Fr. Michael Carvill, John Cavadini and John Zucchi discuss The Religious Sense at the 2023 New York Encounter.
Fr. Luigi Giussani (Photo: Fraternità CL)
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Fr. Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"

The founder of CL died on February 22, 2005. A video from the exhibition for the Centenary of his birth (Spiritual Exercises of CL University Students, December 9, 1995).
Fr. Giussani in Riccione in 1973 (Photo: Fraternity of CL)

Masses around the world

Celebrations for the 18th anniversary of Fr. Giussani's death and the 41st of the pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation.

On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the death of the Servant of God Fr. Luigi Giussani (Feb. 22, 2005) and the 41st anniversary of the pontifical recognition of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation (February 11, 1982), Masses are scheduled to...

Meetings around the world

Rome, Munich, Catania, Brasilia, Madrid... Dialogues, conferences or moments of prayer proposed by the movement in various cities to accompany "prophecy for peace." Here are all the details

"No one can be saved alone'

Pope Francis' message for the World Day of Peace. Here are his appeals and speeches on the theme, and other contributions.
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Fr. Giussani. The podcast on The Religious Sense

A thirteen episode podcast covering the contents of Fr. Luigi Giussani's famous book through his own voice for the first time.
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Giussani: The exhibition in English and other features

The virtual exhibition created for the Giussani's centenary of the birth of CL's is now also available in English for Windows and Mac PCs. All the information and instructions for the guided tour can be found on the website.