Pope Francis: "To weave anew the threads of peace"

Pope Francis' address to members of the diplomatic corps accredited to the Holy See, wishing "this year to be a call for peace in a world that is witnessing heightened divisions and wars" (January 9, 2023).
Pope Francis and Davide Prosperi during a private audience on January 13 (© Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)

Letter from Davide Prosperi after his private audience with Pope Francis

On Friday, January 13, the President of the Fraternity of CL was received by the Holy Father. Prosperi's message to the entire movement after the meeting with Francis.

Dear friends, I would like to share with you the joy of being received in a private audience by Pope Francis on Friday, January 13. I was able to tell him about the journey we have made in these months after the day in St. Peter’s Square that we all r...

Eshkol Nevo (Photo: Leonardo Cendamo/Getty Images)

Eshkol Nevo: Unimaginable correspondence

Today “we tend to limit ourselves to a single point of view”, but literature is where “we feel close to the most distant, where the most estranged becomes familiar.” From the January issue of Tracce, a dialogue with the Israeli writer Eshkol Nevo

"There are people you trust so much that you play heads or tails with them over the phone.” The stories of Israeli author Eshkol Nevo emerge from his pen to go in search of such men and women. The characters that populate his novels are always moving towa...


Pilgrimage for peace

The Denver School of Community shares their judgment to propose a pilgrimage and what they discovered in light of this moment together.
From left: Giuliana, Sofia, Adrianna and two friends
US, UK, and More

A new way to tell everyone

Giuliana, Sofia and Adrianna are the stars of "The Pilgrim Soul”, a podcast that began as a way to live a long-distance friendship, but that is now listened to by hundreds of people in 25 countries. From the January issue of Tracce.
Charitable work near the Luxembourg station

"The poverty of which we are made"

Food for drug addicts, buying groceries for the needy. In Luxembourg, friends of the community join Fr. Laurent's charitable work: "To encounter Christ who calls through these brothers." From the January issue of Tracce.

September 2021. After finishing work, Luciano, Andrea and Simone knocked on the door of the parish in the Bonnevoie neighborhood of Luxembourg. They wanted to ask the parish priest to accompany them to hand out food to drug addicts, which the priest does ...

"No one can be saved alone'

Pope Francis' message for the World Day of Peace. Here are his appeals and speeches on the theme, and other contributions.
Davide Prosperi during the dialogue with Rafael Gerez (Photo: EncuentroMadrid)
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“Passion for the person, passion for Christ”

The text of the dialogue with Davide Prosperi about Fr. Luigi Giussani, on the occasion of the Centenary that has just ended. The conversation took place at the EncuentroMadrid, on November 12, 2022.
Joseph Ratzinger (Photo: Catholic Press Photo)

Benedict XVI

Pope Francis' homily at the funeral, hisspiritual testament, Davide Prosperi's message and other content about the Pope Emeritus who died December 31.
The monument to Giussani in Mutuati (Kenya)

Kenya: "A new horizon in my life"

Cyprian, a teacher nearing retirement, recounts his encounter with Fr. Giussani more than 30 years ago. And all that came out of it, right down to a monument in his village north of Nairobi.

I am a teacher and have taught for the last 34 years in the village of Mutuati, 200 kilometres north of Nairobi, in Kenya. This June I will retire, having reached the compulsory age of retirement that is sixty years. I am married with a family of twelve c...

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Fr. Giussani. The podcast on The Religious Sense

A thirteen episode podcast covering the contents of Fr. Luigi Giussani's famous book through his own voice for the first time.
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The war in Ukraine and the "prophecy for peace"

The CL flyer on the situation of conflict in Ukraine. It is a contribution offered to all to understand the value of Pope Francis' judgment and to promote public initiatives of prayer and discussion.
Pope Francis' letter

The Audience: The Pope's letter

In St. Peter's Square on October 15, Davide Prosperi delivered a letter of thanks to Francis. Here is the Holy Father's response

From the Vatican, October 18, 2022 Dear Brother, I would like to express my thanks for the letter dated October 15, which you sent to me on behalf of the movement of Communion and Liberation. I greatly appreciated the expressions of your affection ...

Davide Prosperi at the International Assembly of leaders of the movement
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Life: The response to Another who is calling me

Notes from Davide Prosperi’s Summary at the International Assembly of Leaders of Communion (La Thuile, August 30, 2022).
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“Let this holy prophetic and missionary restlessness burn in your hearts"

The booklet of the Holy Father Pope Francis' Audience with Communion and Liberation on the occasion of the centenary of Fr. Luigi Giussani's birth (October 15, 2022, St. Peter's Square).

" [...] We are gathered to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Msgr Luigi Giussani. And we do so with gratitude in our hearts, as we have heard from Rose and Hassina. I express my personal gratitude for the good it did for me, as a priest, to contem...

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Our path

The letter from Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, to the entire movement after the Audience with Pope Francis.
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Giussani: The exhibition in English and other features

The virtual exhibition created for the Giussani's centenary of the birth of CL's is now also available in English for Windows and Mac PCs. All the information and instructions for the guided tour can be found on the website.
The June 20, 2022 conference at the Pontifical Lateran University
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"Movements and new communities", formation on charisms

The contribution of the President of the fraternity of CL at the theological conference held June 20th at the Pontifical Lateran University, which helps to “look more deeply at what co-essentiality between charism and institution means.”

Responding to Cardinal Kevin Farrell’s invitation to engage in appropriate formation work on the theme of the charisms in the Church, I think it could be useful to share with you, while we wait for the official acts, the video of the theological conferenc...