(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
About CLThe Christian Proposal as the Adventure of Life
School of CommunityThe notes and indications of method
"And He had pity of them"The new issue of Traces is now online. Read the editorial and browse the December issue
Holy Land. Psychosocial activities for children in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Jericho: one of the nine projects of this year's Tents Campaign (Photo: AVSI)
If peace has a faceFlorence, Habiba, the children of Marjayoun...Nine AVSI projects speak of how it is possible to build a new world.
CL young people visiting the Porziuncola (Andrea Grossoni/Fraternity CL)
Assisi: with new eyesQuestions about pain, being parents, issues at work...The meeting of over four hundred young people from CL
What unites In the December issue of Traces, a dialogue with Cardinal Pietro Parolin, Vatican Secretary of State.
Fr. David Neuhaus (Catholic Press Photo)
What future for the Holy Land?A dialogue with Fr. David Neuhaus, Jesuit scholar in Jerusalem
Trust in the otherWhat does it mean to love? From "Repubblica", the letter of Matteo Severgnini, responsible of GS
(Photo: Pedro Marques Pereira)
Meeting Lisboa: the enchantment of hopeTwo days in the Portuguese capital, November 11-12
"How much light does that little light emanate"Chaldean Cardinal Sako talks about the Christian presence in Kurdistan and Iraq
Jon Fosse (Photo: Ansa-Zumapress/Jessica Gow)
Jon Fosse: In the hands of the otherA portrait of the 2023 Nobel Prize winner for Literature
Martiros Saryan, 'Ararat and Saint Hripsime Church', 1945
The mystery uses the unknown to attract A shared Armenian evening with friends in a small town in Luxembourg
Pope Francis at the 22 November Audience (Vatican Media/Catholic Press Photo)
"God chooses one in order to love everyone"The Holy Father's words at the General Audience on Wednesday 22 November
The cornerstones of the SynodThe 16th General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops took place from 4 to 29 October. Here is the experience of Monsignor Paolo Pezzi, Metropolitan Archbishop of the Mother of God in Moscow.
Darina Blagonravova
Russia: An unpredictable unityThe story of Darina, a teacher, and her encounter with the movement
The Religious Sense as a preparation for faithWhat is the relationship between the religious sense and faith?
Holy Land: Another logicThe war between Hamas and Israel broke out while the CL community was gathered for the Beginning Day. Dialogues, testimonies, tensions. And a discovery.
Fr. Martin Schneeberger
Greece: "My church of migrants"Fr. Martin serves a parish on the island of Lesvos. Here is his story
Indi with her mother (Facebook)
"Me, a Neonatologist, and little Indi"What does it mean to care until the end? A doctor's letter
Encuentro Quito, Ecuador
Ecuador: The last word on reality and life Encuentro Quito 2023, a 'small meeting' dedicated to peace in the South American country
Indi Gregory and the courage of hope The fate of the baby and CL's closeness to her family.
Vilnius (Photo: Unsplash/Dan Marian Stefan Doroghi)
Lithuania: "Something precious for me life"An event to celebrate 30 years of CL in the Baltic country
Indi Gregory (Photo: Facebook)
Innocent pain and the presumption of an omnipotent state Indi Gregory's story put everyone in front of the first evidence: “we do not make ourselves."
Let us begin to judge: it is the beginning of liberationThe texts of the testimony and synthesis of the GS Equipe
The only words that speak of peaceThe events in the Middle East and around the world, a spiral of hatred that seems unstoppable. What does this drama have to do with us? And what does it take to be able to face all this?
Cardinal Pierbattista Pizzaballa, Patriarch of Jerusalem (Photo: GP/Catholic Press Photo)
Pizzaballa: "Christ won the world by loving"The Patriarch of Jerusalem writes to the faithful of his diocese
The Beginning Day 2023Notes from the words of Francesco Cassese and Davide Prosperi at the Beginning Day of the Adults of Communion and Liberation of the Lombardy Region, and the testimony of Jone Echarri.
A land to be safeguardedThe Director of Pro Terra Sancta describes a place that "still has one strength: to propose God to the world."
Uganda: Picnic and destinyA day together, with students and young workers, at the botanical gardens in Entebbe
Praying for the Holy Land, this is how we break the spiral of evilThe interview with Davide Prosperi in 'Avvenire'
The Verification of FaithSynthesis to the Equipe of University Students of CL, August 29–September 1, 2023.
A moment of the CLU Conference at Benedictine College in Atchinson, Kansas
Kansas: The spark on campusThe first 'conference' of CL university students at Benedictine College in Atchinson
Christmas 2023. The Communion and Liberation poster
The Religious Sense - presentation in Milan (05.02.2023)
Easter 2023. The videposter
Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"
Pope Francis' audience with CL
Giussani: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar" (1998)
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