The Pope to families: "The Church is in you"

Pope Francis' homily during the concluding Mass of the 10th World Meeting of Families. "We must never forget that the family is the first place where we learn to love."
Ari and Cindy in Rome

"I want to be like them"

Ari was born in Indonesia and moved to the Netherlands with his wife Cindy for a master's degree. He got to know about CL in his parish. His defensive heart, the invitations, that couple at the Rimini Meeting, and the words that became experience...

I am originally from Indonesia but have now been living in the Netherlands since 2012 together with my wife, Cindy. I was raised in a Catholic family and was baptized when I was eight years old. I only knew about the Movement when I met the priest who hea...

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Notes from the Assembly of School of Community

Notes from the School of Community Assembly with Davide Prosperi and H.E. Monsignor Filippo Santoronin video conference from Milan, 8th June, 2022
Havana (Photo: Daniel Sessler Zoe/Unsplash)

Caribbean: returning to the essential

The Fraternity Exercises took place from May 20-22 for the Caribbean communities. They are experiencing real difficulties, but Presence continues to change lives. Here are the letters of two friends who lived those days with them...

CUBA I left Madrid to go and accompany the Cuban community during the Fraternity Exercises. It is always a joy to catch up with friends, even more so after these years when the pandemic has made any travel impossible. When we met on Friday afternoon, bes...

Bloomington, Indiana (Photo: Aaron Shafer/Unsplash)

Sharing life

After a period when many friends began to leave, new faces came to join Chevy and the community in Bloomington. She shares how she discovered the joy of sharing with others what she has met.

For the past year and a half, up until a few months ago, the CLU (Communion and Liberation University students) in Bloomington had dwindled down to just Sponge and me. This was in part due to graduations, etc., but also due to difficulty in generating new...


The June issue of Traces

The title of this month's issue is "The only things that matter". We revisit the theme of the CL Fraternity Exercises with testimonies, interviews and other contributions. Read the editorial online
 Rocky Mountains National Park
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North America: "Because this is where youth lives”

The Texas massacre, the media storm, the suffering of young people, and the hundred college students vacationing on the slopes of Longs Peak, Colorado. A professor speaks of the "hope in this world" that he saw in them.

I am a college professor and I participated in the vacation for university students of the movement in North American, in Estes Park, in the Rocky Mountains National Park, an hour and a half from where I live. During that week, news broke of the massacre ...

Fr. Luigi Giussani
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War and Mercy

Although the scenario is different, we re-propose the words of Fr. Giussani on the war in Iraq (Corriere della sera, April 8, 2003), as a contribution to the judgment on the current situation in Ukraine.

Dear Editor, In the bursting of bombs and the burning of cities, what brings back the truth of things to my eyes is the thought of Jesus’ death. I am not able to explain it to myself except by saying this: following Christ who goes to His death on the ...

A woman fleeing at the border of Medyka (Photo: Attila Husejnow/Sipa USA/Mondadori Portfolio).
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CL with the Pope: No to the war in Ukraine

The statement released by the movement regarding the conflict. "We are with all those who are working to stop the horror of this war. But how fragile is the desire for peace if it does not become a task, a daily responsibility."
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Booklet of the Fraternity Exercises

The texts of the meditations of Father Mauro-Giuseppe Lepori, Abbot General of the Cistercian Order, on the occasion of the Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, held via video link from Friday April 29 to Sunday May 1, 2022.