A revolution of the self

An excerpt from Davide Prosperi's Preface to the new book of Fr. Giussani, Una rivoluzione di sé. La vita come comunione (1968-1970) [A Revolution of Self. Life as Communion (1968-1970)]
(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
About CLThe Christian Proposal as the Adventure of Life
School of CommunityThe notes and indications of method
Anna with her daughter Elisa
"Elisa and the certainty of being loved"A large family, a disabled daughter and the path within the movement. Anna recounts her story
Roberto Gatti
"The most important hour of my life"As a young physiotherapist, he treated Fr. Giussani in the 1990s. His testimony of an encounter that changed his life
Vacations, the time of freedom“Summer will not be an interruption or a postponement of taking life seriously"
Otello Cenci, head of shows at the Rimini Meeting (Photo: Rimini Meeting)
The essential on stage: the shows at the Rimini MeetingOtello Cenci, head of shows, discusses the rich program program of shows, films, and music that will animate the Rimini Meeting this year
Takashi Paolo Nagai
Takashi and Midori's "flowering hillside"From Europe to Latin America. Even today their story touches the lives of thousands of people
Aleksandr Solženicyn (Photo: Ansa/Archivio/Michael Estafiev/Drn)
What no power can take from us The relevance of the lesson of Aleksandr Solženicyn quoted by Fr. Giussani in the eighth chapter of The Religious Sense
Prosperi: "Faith, a new gaze at the world"The President of the Fraternity speaks in an interview with Corriere della Sera
During the pilgrimage
The Courage to ReturnA group of pilgrims in the Holy Land with the Archbishop of Bologna, Matteo Zuppi: "We leave enriched. Peace begins with us"
The anti-government youth demonstrations in Kenya (Ansa/Epa/Daniel Iringu)
Kenya: The uprisings and the good we seek The protests of young people, the desire for freedom and justice, and the work on the eighth chapter of The Religious Sense
A moment of the commemoration (Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
Czech Republic: From memory, a task The Brno Meeting put hope and the desire to walk together at the center of the 2024 edition
Encuentro Santiago 2024
Encuentro Santiago's “open reason”The two-day cultural event: how does the Christian experience respond to the questions of our time?
Malaysia: At the origin of a friendshipThe chronicle of a day spent sharing with other families, parishioners and colleagues, rediscovering a sense of true freedom
"Faithful to the charism, creative in the world"Davide Prosperi's letter after the private audience with the Holy Father on June 15
Athens (Unsplash/Topsphere Media)
That "piece of heaven" in AthensThe Fraternity Exercises for the small community of Greece, inviting friends from other movements
Fr. Abdo Raad (Photo: Elisa Gestri)
Lebanon: “Among refugees to make room for miracles"Fr. Abdo Raad works in Lebanese refugee camps. Not out of welfarism, he says, but out of love
The statue of Matteo Ricci in the city center of Macau (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
“Love given for the sake of love”The figure of Matteo Ricci, the evangelizer in China cited at the Exercises, recounted by Fr. Antonio Sergianni
Ignazio Beghi (Photo: Fraternity St. Charles)
“When the heart rests on God's promises, life flourishes”The ordinations in the Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls in Rome
Foto iStock/Giovanni Seabra
Infinite dignity From the June issue of Traces, a dialogue with theologian Javier Prades on the recent Vatican Declaration
The Pope to movements: "be for the Church"Pope Francis at the meeting of the Dicastery for the Laity, the Family and Life with moderators of lay associations
A unity to live and share: Oxford Convergence 2024A two-day cultural event in Oxford to address the question: “Can we live without fear today?”
During the presentation (Photo: Fausto Ferioli)
Giussani-Niebuhr: Generative thought, authentic sonshipThe presentation of the book of Fr. Giussani’s doctoral thesis at the Catholic University in Milan
The GS vacation of the Luigi Giussani High School
GS Uganda: With eyes wide open to beautyAn account of the vacation of the young people from the Luigi GiussanI High School in Kampala on Lake Bunyonyi
Culture: to be for ChristNotes from the speech by Davide Prosperi, President of the Fraternity of CL, at the assembly of the Association of Italian Cultural Centers
“To hope, my child, you would have received a great grace”The June issue of Traces is now available. Read the editorial online
Photo: Unsplash/Bernd Dittrich
To not get used to the bombsA teacher, a student “wounded” by the war in Ukraine, and a film that helps rediscover the Pope's call for peace
A moment of celebration in the parish of Bad Godesberg (Photo: Fsc)
Bonn: re-proposing the faith today, beyond divisionsA community of priests from Fraternity of St. Charles is reviving the life of their parish in the middle of the Synodal Way
Macerata-Loreto. Davide Prosperi's messageSaturday, June 8, the 46th night pilgrimage. The words of the President of the Fraternity
The bridges of ParisThe first edition of the Forum Paris, a ‘meeting’ that was born from the spark of the “prophecy for peace”
Karaganda Cathedral, dedicated to Our Lady of Fatima (Wikimedia Commons)
Kazakhstan: Thirty years since the beginningThe CL community was born in the country in 1994, and today it is more alive than ever
Mother Teresa of Calcutta's Missionary Sisters of Charity as they assist a sick person in a field hospital (Ansa-Sfor)
Sister Frederick: The revolution of piety A journalist remembers the recently deceased sister of the Missionaries of Charity
Easter 2024. The videoposter
Giussani: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar" (1998)
Christmas 2023. The Communion and Liberation poster
The Religious Sense - presentation in Milan (05.02.2023)
Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"
Pope Francis' audience with CL
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