Our value: We are loved

Ten new saints were canonized in Rome on Sunday. "Our fellow travellers canonized today discovered an incomparable joy and they became brilliant reflections of the Lord of history." Pope Francis' homily.
Smoky Mountains (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

The Master is here and He is waiting for you

Friends from Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Jersey gathered in the Smokey Mountains to follow the Fraternity Exercises. Amid hikes and children, "we left filled with the certainty that the cabin was—and our friendship is—a place of belonging."

For the Fraternity Exercises this year, a group of our friends coming from Indiana, Tennessee, Minnesota, and New Jersey gathered to spend a long weekend in a cabin together to follow the lessons. We decided to go to the Smoky Mountains, so it was no smal...

Bucha, 18 April 2022 (©Emilio Morenatti/AP/La Presse)

Monsignor Paolo Pezzi: War and us

The possibility of light in the dark night of humanity, the need for forgiveness, the Magdalene’s desire, and Pope Francis. From the May issue of Tracce, a dialogue with the Archbishop of the Mother of God in Moscow.

"A heart that lives for peace is stronger than the atomic bomb." More than two months after the beginning of the conflict, Monsignor Paolo Pezzi sums up what is happening thus: "I think of that expression of Fr. Giussani: 'The forces that move history are...

Pope Francis during the Audience on May 18
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"Keep up the good work, continue in this embrace"

Six hundred adults and children from the Families for Hospitality Association met in St. Peter's Square in Rome, on May 18, for an Audience on the occasion of the Association's 40th anniversary.

"There are moments that remain in history," Simone told me on the train, as we were tired and happy on our way back from Rome to Milan after celebrating the 40-year history of the Association of Families for Hospitality with 600 other friends. It is a sto...

New York, 1986. Fr. Giussani visits the CL community (©Fraternità di CL)
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Where life happens

Vanessa's search from Silicon Valley to Italy to Los Angeles. And that day at Giussani’s funeral…”The experience I was having was enough for me to understand that the faith he was witnessing was something reasonable.” From February Tracce.

Vanessa speaks Italian perfectly. Her Californian accent, mixed with a Florentine cadence, makes it something unique. As is her story, which began fifty years ago in Saratoga, a small town in Silicon Valley, then uprooted to Italy, first to Milan and then...

Francis Collins (Photo:© Saul Loeb/Mondadori Portfolio/Zuma Press)

God gave us two books

A scientific advisor to the White House, he led one of the most groundbreaking adventures in genetics. And he is among the leading figures in the fight against COVID-19. We met him at the New York Encounter, where he told us about his search for truth.

Francis Collins is a tall, thin gentleman with white hair and a mustache. His eyes are blue. We shook his hand, and thought about the fact that we were meeting one of the most important men in the US during the months of the pandemic. Indeed, until last N...

Kazakh security forces in front of Almaty City Hall in early January (©Ansa/Xinhua.org

Kazakhstan: Where does war end?

In some cities across the country, the year began with street protests, explosions and casualties. Now the conflict in Ukraine has also come close. From the May issue of Tracce, Lyubov, head of a Center for the Disabled in Karaganda, speaks of her hope.

"When I listened to Putin's speech, one word resounded within me: 'Impossible! It cannot be...." But I realized that all of this is possible because war often passes through our own loves, through mine. It starts there." Lyubov Khon, 64 years-old, is one ...

Fr. Luigi Giussani
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War and Mercy

Although the scenario is different, we re-propose the words of Fr. Giussani on the war in Iraq (Corriere della sera, April 8, 2003), as a contribution to the judgment on the current situation in Ukraine.

Dear Editor, In the bursting of bombs and the burning of cities, what brings back the truth of things to my eyes is the thought of Jesus’ death. I am not able to explain it to myself except by saying this: following Christ who goes to His death on the ...

A woman fleeing at the border of Medyka (Photo: Attila Husejnow/Sipa USA/Mondadori Portfolio).
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CL with the Pope: No to the war in Ukraine

The statement released by the movement regarding the conflict. "We are with all those who are working to stop the horror of this war. But how fragile is the desire for peace if it does not become a task, a daily responsibility."