Caring for Life

What is life with an incurable or terminal illness? How the person be accompanied? The April issue of Traces is now online
(Photo: Giovanni Dinatolo)
About CLThe Christian Proposal as the Adventure of Life
School of CommunityThe notes and indications of method
A disabled person on the beach at Punta Marina Terme (Ravenna)
The wooden cross by the seaA beach for the severely disabled, born from the story of Dario, who died of ALS, and his wife Debora
"Dignitas infinita" (Catholic Press Photo)
Human dignity according to the church The document of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith 'Dignitas infinita' has been presented
Vincent Van Gogh, 'The Good Samaritan', 1890 (detail)
Accompanying life, alwaysA journey through the Letter 'Samaritanus bonus’ on the care of people in the critical and terminal phases of their life
Pancho and Alexander
Ecuador: "We are made for great things"Drugs, violence, the economic crisis. And hope. Three stories from the South American country
The young people of GS in Rimini for the Easter Triduum (Photo: Roberto Masi/Fraternity CL)
"We are interested in happiness, and nothing less"The Pope's message and Prosperi's greeting to the young people of GS for the Easter Triduum
The GS Way of the Cross during the Triduum in Rimini (Giacomo Bellavista/Fraternity CL)
"The promise that awaits us"A young teacher recounts what he saw happening at the Easter Triduum of Gioventù Studentesca
Fr. Lukasz Popko
If God questions youThe Bible as a place of questions: two scholars discuss and discover what the secret for true dialogue is
Cologne (Photo: Unsplash/Leonard Muller)
"What I saw at the Rhein Meeting"Two days in Cologne for the event organised by CL. This year's title: "Why are we not enough for ourselves?"
Erik Varden: Broadening desire The Norwegian bishop speaks about the search for love in today's world
Parolin: "Educating, an act of hope"The Church's educational task, the heart of man and the 'architecture of peace'. A speech by the Vatican's Cardinal Secretary of State, who took up Fr. Giussani's pedagogical intuition
A consciousness awake to realityThe poet Christian Wiman opened the New York Encounter highlighting this year’s theme. The following morning we sat down for a conversation with him
Fr. Giussani with Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes (Nicola Costanzi/Fraternity CL)
"Grateful for his paternity"Davide Prosperi's message to Communion and Liberation on the death of Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes
Los Angeles: "I have been given this place out of love for my life"A new School of Community in a parish near the Los Angeles airport
Anna, Giacomo and little Marco
"The promise that God has kept"Anna and Giacomo tell their story, a difficult path that led them to adoption. From the March issue of 'Tracce'
The Pope's letter: The path to followNotes from the meeting with Davide Prosperi and Francesco Cassese on Pope Francis’ letter to the movement
Prayer for peace in Munich
"The only force to oppose hatred and war"While the World Security Conference was taking place, the Munich CL community organised a moment of prayer for peace
Fr. Giussani: Anniversary homiliesOver 200 celebrations around the world to mark the 19th anniversary of the death of the founder of CL
Monsignor Camisasca with a group of Taiwanese young people
Taipei: "A friend in our home"A letter recounts Monsignor Massimo Camisasca's visit to Taiwan, including the presentation of his book
Monsignor Pavlo Goncharyk (Andrzej Lange/Epa/Ansa)
Ukraine: "called to remain men"The two years of war recounted by the Bishop of Kharkiv, Pavlo Goncharyk
Amets Arzallus Antia (NY Encounter)
"In my book, the pain I encountered"Amets Arzallus Antia was among the speakers at the recent New York Encounter
"Christianity as an Event Today"The full version of the unpublished text of a lesson given by Fr. Luigi Giussani in 1992
"Beggars of Jesus Christ"The homily of Msgr Lepine, Archbishop of Montreal, during the mass for the anniversary of Fr. Giussani
Davide Prosperi greeting to Monsignor Mario Delpini (Pino Franchino/Archivio CL)
"A sign of God's faithfulness”The homily of Archbishop Mario Delpini during the Mass for Fr. Giussani and Davide Prosperi's greeting
Alexej Navalny (Mitya Aleshkovsky/Wikimedia Commons)
Navalny: a rose is foreverNavalny's death in Russia has reopened a wound. “Nothing exists without freedom": the provocation that his life represents
The CL holiday in Las Trancas (Chile)
Chile: "That gift that we are already living"The CL community: evidence "of a Presence that is already happening in our lives"
The national pavilions in the Gardens of the Biennale during the 2018 architecture event (Ansa/Andrea Merola)
Venice: Francis’ 'attempt' at the BiennaleReconciling with the contemporary art world, a path that will take Pope Francis to the Lagoon on April 26
Fr. Giussani on the day of his first Mass in Desio, May 31, 1945 (Livia Giussani personal archive)
Fr. Giussani: Masses around the worldThe anniversary celebrations of Fr. Giussani and the Fraternity of CL
Margaret Karram (Catholic Press Photo)
Karram: "The Pope's words on unity challenge us too"The President of the Focolare movement writes to Davide Prosperi on the anniversary of Fr. Giussani's death
"The first step is to desire to open our eyes to reality""Through the desert God leads us to freedom." Pope Francis' message for Lent 2024.
Miguel Benasayag (© Isabella De Maddalena/ Portfolio)
The machine of the worldAI reopens radical questions about the human. Miguel Benasayag talks about it in the February issue of Traces
One of the last editions of the New York Encounter (Photo: NY Encounter)
Artificial Intelligence and the sleeping soulThe New York Encounter 2024 kicks off on Friday. Among the protagonists is an exhibition dedicated to AI
Easter 2024. The videoposter
Giussani: "The real protagonist of history is the beggar" (1998)
Christmas 2023. The Communion and Liberation poster
The Religious Sense - presentation in Milan (05.02.2023)
Giussani: "What is life? It is to be loved"
Pope Francis' audience with CL
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