Flooding: signs of hope for lifeCurrent EventsDavide Prosperi's letter to "Corriere della Sera," after visiting communities in Emilia-Romagna.Davide Prosperi
The feast of simplicity and of a child Current Events"Christmas is that Event that everyone awaits: freeing oneself from self-determination in order to discover oneself determine– that is, affirmed, loved." Davide Prosperi's letter to the Corriere della Sera on December 24.Davide Prosperi
From the recognition of a good, a unity of judgment: An education of the people is necessary Current EventsAn article by the President of the Fraternity of CL following the Italian general election results.Davide Prosperi
The “Smart” Era and the Need for ContactCurrent Events“Does the insistence of the Christian tradition on the salvific value of the flesh still make any sense? And if so, why? On the Feast of the Epiphany recently celebrated, we meet three characters.” Prosperi's article from Corriere della Sera.Davide Prosperi