Prosperi: Praying for the Holy Land, this is how we break the spiral of evilCurrent EventsThe President of Communion and Liberation:"Concrete and reasonable response to violence and war, we join the invocation for peace launched by Patriarch Pizzaballa."Lorenzo Rosoli
Prosperi: "What makes the impossible possible"Current EventsA Rimini Meeting dedicated to friendship, Communion and Liberation and that "companionship guided by destiny" of which Fr. Giussani spoke. From Avvenire, an interview with the President of the Fraternity.Paolo Viana
Prosperi: A new beginning for CLCurrent EventsAn interview with the President of the Fraternity of CL in Avvenire: the meeting with the Pope exceeded all expectations. “The Pope has reminded us that Fr. Giussani is an asset for the whole Church.”Riccardo Maccioni
A surge of lifeCurrent EventsA preview of the interview with Davide Prosperi in Città Nuova. The full text will appear shortly.Michele Genisio
“The great teaching Fr. Giussani gives us is to bring God back into daily life”Current EventsInterview with Davide Prosperi, president of the Fraternity of CL, on the Centenary of the Founder’s birth. From the magazine omnesmag.comMaria José Atienza