Fr. Giussani's Centenary in Alexandria, Egypt.

Egypt: Rediscovering the gift of Fr. Giussani today

In Alexandria, the movement's small community commemorated the centenary of the birth of the founder of CL. In the heart of the Middle East, the testimony of a "continuous story of love".

A few weeks ago, in the headquarters of the Apostolic Vicariate in Alexandria, Egypt, Monsignor Claudio Lurati, Apostolic Vicar of the Latins in Egypt, inaugurated the celebration of the Centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth with a greeting to all those present, including priests, sisters and friends of the local CL community. Rosette, a young mother, gave a presentation on Fr. Giussani, retracing the stages of his life and dwelling on the question that Fr. Giussani posed so many times about what Christianity is: "An event, an encounter, a continuous love story," Rosette explained, also recalling the words of St. John Paul II addressed to Fr. Giussani and the Fraternity regarding the movement's task for the life and heart of the Church. Fr. Giussani's writings are translated into many languages, including four books published in Arabic.

Then there was the testimony of Sister Noha, who recounted her encounter with the movement, "The diversity of people and the family and fraternal atmosphere during their meetings, which were held in my parish, attracted my attention. Furthermore, for the first time I was struck by the question Jesus asks Andrew and John, "What are you looking for?" This touched my heart, made me think about my own life and its meaning, about the experience of self-giving and gratuitousness, which I lived deeply, especially going to the Rimini Meeting."

Then one of our friends from Bethlehem, Heba, recounted via video connection that "the thing that attracted me most about this group of friends was the sharing of their lives with ours. They transmitted their experiences from their hearts to ours. This has changed my life in my family, with my children and at work."

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Before celebrating mass with all those present, Riccardo Ardito, the responsible of the movement for the Middle East, closed the meeting by saying that Fr. Giussani was a man invested by the Spirit and was able to re-propose to young people and entire generations that Christ is the unifying center of all reality and the answer to all human questions. "After his death, today we continue to discover as a gift the strength of what his existence generated and has come down to us."

Said, Alexandria, Egypt