During the testimonies of Hans Van Mourik Broekman and Fr. Michael Carvill

"A life lived to the full": happening now in Dublin

Current EventsSilvia Baldazzi

In Dublin, the CL community commemorated the centenary of Giussani's birth with a series of testimonies from speakers across the world on who Fr. Giussani is for them, and how his charism is still relevant today.

The meeting dedicated to Fr. Giussani in Tunis

"Recounting" Fr. Giussani in Tunis


A classical music concert, a dialogue with Fr. Ambrogio Pisoni and the exhibition "From My Life to Yours." The North African city's cathedral hosted Christians and Muslims to learn more about Fr. Giussani.

The exhibition on Fr. Giussani set up in the cloister of the St. Severin convent in Paris

Paris: The sign that an answer exists


The French community also celebrated the centenary of Fr. Giussani's birth in the capital. Among meetings and testimonies, a chance to "verify deeply the truth of our experience".

The testimonies of Hiba Al-Saadi and Ettore Soranzo (Photo: Gianfranco Pinto/Giuliano Mami)

In Bethlehem, in the footsteps of Christ

Current EventsAlessandra Buzzetti

In the city of the Basilica of the Nativity, an event to celebrate the centenary of Fr. Giussani. Hiba's testimony, the presentation of Luigi Amicone’s book, and the message of the Patriarch of Jerusalem.

The concert in Munich (Photo: Roland Altmann)

Munich: Fr. Giussani, Music and beauty

CultureGiovanni Grandi

A concert organized by the International Music Friendship to celebrate Fr. Giussani’s centenary. Here is how it came about and what happened in the words of those who played in it...

The concert in Lisbon

Lisbon: The people sing

Current EventsMargarida Pacheco de Amorim

The CL community in Lisbon organized a concert to celebrate Fr. Giussani's centenary. From Beethoven’s notes, to Russian songs, to Fado and Claudio Chieffo.

Cardinal Manuel José Macario do Nascimento Clemente

"He proposed the essential of Christianity, Christ”

ChurchManuel José Macario do Nascimento Clemente

The homily of Cardinal Manuel Clemente, Patriarch of Lisbon, during mass for Fr. Giussani’s anniversary. Santa Maria de Belém, Lisbon, February 22, 2022.

Most Rev. Diarmuid Martin

“A creative and invocative charism”

ChurchDiarmuid Martin

The homily of the Most Reverend Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop Emeritus of Dublin, during mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani’s birth. Church of the Sacred Heart, Donnybrook, 21 February 2022.

Bishop Oscar Cantoni

"A truly ecclesial man"

ChurchOscar Cantoni

The words of Monsignor Oscar Cantoni, Bishop of Como, during his homily at the Mass for the centenary of Fr. Giussani’s birth. Como Cathedral, Basilica of the Santissima Annunziata, February 21, 2022.

Archbishop Mario Delpini (Photo: Pino Franchino)

"For many, Fr. Giussani was the angel of God"

ChurchMario Delpini

The homily of Monsignor Mario Delpini, Archbishop of Milan, during Mass for the centenary of the birth of the founder of CL. And greetings by Davide Prosperi and Fr. Julián Carrón.