Coronavirus: "Ask with me for the gift of perseverance”

A patient in one of the hospitals in Lombardy writes to her friends. In her fatigue "all I can do is ask for good and the ability to do the will of the Lord”.

Dearest friends,

In these moments, when I am seeing all the fragility that I am made of, when I need the hands of others (precious hands) for everything, even for the simplest and most intimate things (including catheters, IVs, oxygen masks), and after my initial anger, the only thing I can do is to continue for ask for good and the ability to do the Lord’s will.

I am not able to pray for long, I get distracted. I cannot say an entire rosary, but I often entrust myself to Jesus, Joseph and Mary, who I imagine sitting around my bed with my Guardian Angel to support me and keep me company.

I perceive so much good around me and my family, and for this I thank you very much. Ask with me for the gift of perseverance... I love you.

Barbara, Italy