History as an Education Tool: Christ on the Cross and the Risen Christ

Notes from Luigi Giussani’s closing talk to the Assembly of Responsibles of Communion and Liberation, Milan, Italy, March 11, 2003 .
Luigi Giussani

Thank you for giving me the possibility to talk to you at this particularly interesting moment for the history of the Movement. Thank you very much! I did not hear even a breath taken, during this gathering, that did not live up to all the toils, all the work, all the luminousness and humanity that is yours and ours.
Truly, very rarely has a gathering appeared to me so intense and right as to its judgment, and so capable of opening the way to the hope for a shared life. If you reread or meditate on the moments, the expressions, the talks that you shared with each other today… we’re in good shape!
It is as though the Lord said to you: I am making you go through this difficult moment, but it is because I want you to verify how much I have loved you, as Father-Creator, even though it cannot be forgotten how I intervened, through the Son’s death.
But the Son rose again! History is for us the continuity of Christ’s resurrection. Every moment of history, by now, is for us the way in which the mystery of the resurrection is accomplished. And at the end of this moment, i.e., at the end of history, the world, everything, everything there is, will be convinced of the intelligence that God has chosen to manifest and the grace that binds us together with which He has filled our hearts.
Do not be afraid; let us not be afraid to serve the Lord, to serve Christ with all the possibility He has given us.
I am deeply moved by this beautiful gathering. I, in particular, confess that I am completely in agreement with Fr Pino–every word he said.

Thank you. Ciao.