Traces, no. 5, October 2023

The test

"Faith makes me conceive and mobilize my relationship with the
things that interest me in a different way, and so a different experience of humanity is created, and this is the test of faith.” Giussani spoke thus to the Movement’s university students during an Equipe in 1981. In this issue, we collect the stories of today’s university students from various parts of the world, together with some passages taken from the assembly and the summary at this year’s CLU Equipe, which brought together 450 young people at the end of the summer to address that very topic: “The verification of faith.”

The university academic year has resumed and here you will find out from where these young people restart: from what interests them, from what is left of the past summer, from the whole journey of the past year, from events at the university, in the death of a friend, in welcoming freshmen, in disappointment or anxiety. And in the beauty of accompanying each other to understand the origin of the experience they live, even spending a period of study abroad without their usual network, driven to verify what sustains life. This is how Riccardo spoke of his months in cold Gothenburg and Andrea of the encounters that changed him in Brussels. Yersultan, a Kazakh and Muslim history student, talks about his meeting with the young people of the CLU: “I was interested in their way of life, so intense, so open, so in love with life. I would have liked to steal their eyes and keep them forever with me. I thirsted for their happiness.”
In the 1981 Equipe, Giussani added: “The heart of the matter lies in the fact that we all say: ‘Christ,’ but it is as if this Christ did not exist; because Christ is the answer, he is the sense, Christ is the form, he is the meaning of living,” and he listed the very concrete manifestations of this living: affective relationships; the use of things; the way of looking at nature, time, space, study; the relationship with your mother and father; your plans for the future; your past…
A student in the assembly with Davide Prosperi that opens this issue spoke of a friend who has recently joined the Movement and who approached him at the end of their community holiday and said, “What amazes me most is that you do not stop at saying that ‘Christ exists’; I do that too, but you seek Him.” What did he see?