Traces N.3, March 2015

That Gaze Present Today

Today in Saint Peter’s Square we have experienced anew the encounter with Christ. We saw Him primerear right before our eyes through the person and the gaze of Pope Francis, the same gaze that won over Matthew two thousand years ago, but present today! Today we have experienced what the caress of the mercy of Jesus is. We will never forget the way the Pope embraced us, making us understand that ‘There is only one center: Jesus Christ.’ The experience of Him will enable us to not reduce the charism to ‘a museum of memories’ but instead to ‘keep the flame alive, not worship the ashes.’ Only this experience of the gaze of Christ–who generates ‘surprise,’ ‘wonder,’ and make us feel ‘bound to Him’−will keep us from succumbing to attempts at self-referentiality and will enable us to discovering all the people we meet the good that they bring, as Fr. Giussani always taught us to do. This experience will put us in the conditions to live Christianity as the ‘principle of redemption that takes on the new, saving it.’”