The picnic with the Uganda young people in Entebbe

Uganda: Picnic and destiny

A day together, with students and young workers, at the botanical gardens in Entebbe, on the shores of Lake Victoria. To deepen the friendship that binds them. And to propose it to others
Debra Nakawombe

Sometimes, life may seem dark. But in the presence of a friend, holding your hands, hope begins to glitter and the loneliness begins to fade away. This newness arises only when it is a true friendship because it is only a true friendship that leads us to our destiny. It was the beauty of the friendship that Community and Liberation students from the University and young workers wanted to awaken amongst each other and to those students who were just joining the university. This prompted the students to bring their minds and hands together towards organizing an activity that would help them come together as students from various universities to recognize further the friendship they are living. They agreed on a picnic in Botanical gardens in Entebbe. The nourishing taste of nature, fresh soothing air and sweet Melody of the birds at the gardens filled each one with a new fresh taste of life. Among those who attended the picnic were current University students, those who were joining the campus, young workers and Prof. Kizito from Makerere University. The excitement in each face brightened every moment. Various games were played and everybody actively participated.

Then a moment of sharing experiences and pointing in more light on the exercise started. Nakawombe Deborah, a student from Makerere University, thanked everyone for coming and all the endeavors they put in to make the day possible. She reminded her of the friendship they are living, “I have never found such kind of friendship anywhere and it has helped me a lot to grow.” She informed the students of how this friendship is there for everyone so that they may be able to reach their destiny. Clare, who is a young worker from Meeting Point, shared her experience on the journey with CL. She said it has helped her recognize herself more and discover the mesmerizing beauty that is always gifted to her.

Achan Pricilla, a young worker from Luigi Giussani Primary also helped the students understand more on judgment and how to use their hearts. She shared an experience of how she was made to work with a partner whom she never liked since they had different tastes. She says that it wasn’t easy but through the help of the friendship, she opened up for the fire that burned in her was too much. She said ‘Aunt’ Rose advised her not to make judgments about others for they are also a starting point for her to discover herself.

Ayany Mary, a student at Kyambogo University said, “The experiences shared by both students and young workers were of great help to the stress I had for I had a missing mark in one of my course units. But during that moment, I realized that in front of these problems and situations, I am not alone on this journey of life.” This indeed was so inspiring. Achayo Monica, a student at the Makerere Business School, said it was a great moment that relieved her from the stress of examinations, and an internship where she had not seen her supervisor after five months: all these had made her feel broken and silent at most times. She said that, with the picnic, the games and all friends that had come together helped her recognize that she is gifted.

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Edward Albert Pariyo, student at Kampala international University, confessed that, “I have been in the movement my whole life but it always felt like my parents' thing. Only recently have I started to embrace it as a part of me.” For him, encountering various people at the picnic helped him recognize better the friendship he has been living in. Furthermore, Ayebare Joweria, a student at Kyambogo University who was invited by a friend said that, “it was really a fantastic and memorable experience. The fact that it was my first time meeting CLU students from various universities, the new friends, games, all made the day so unique and filled me with joy. It was fun and inspiring… I learnt more about life and know how to deal with situations in my life.” The experience still shines bright and this clearly shows how the journey to destiny, is through friendship. The picnic gathered 40 participants. We hope for other similar opportunities to share in each other’s company.