Triple Concerto in C major, op. 56 - Fantasia in C minor, op. 80

Gewandhausorchester Leipzig directed by Kurt Masur
Ludwig van BeethovenPhilips 2004

The yearning for happiness – which is the destiny and heart of man and is evoked in a sublime way by this music by Beethoven – passes by way of a journey where the destiny for which man was made is fulfilled, is experienced as fulfilled, is experienced as something that can be fulfilled. And indeed, this longing, which is shared by the orchestra and soloists and assails and imbues
their various feelings, is ultimately appeased, becoming a joyous boldness along the way.
All of what is human is defined by man’s destiny, which is his completion, perfection, and happiness: God, the Mystery, the Absolute, the You that completes the poverty of our “I,” the Omnipotence that is mercy and forgiveness.
Man cannot make it on his own. But if he accepts the journey, he begins to experience happiness.
Everything bears the message of His good plan for our lives. For He preceded us, He started first, He became one of us. So, fulfillment is possible, because He is present.

(Excerpt from the introduction by Luigi Giussani to the booklet enclosed in the CD)