Sergio Rubini, performing in "Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Qur'ān"

Rimini Meeting: The shows of the 2023 edition

Special guests such as Sergio Rubini, Alessandro Preziosi, Gabriele Lavia, Morgan and Monica Salmaso. Tributes to Testori, Gaber, Jannacci, Battisti and Adriana Mascagni.
Paola Ronconi

The evenings of the week in Rimini will be an opportunity to delve into the theme "Human existence is an inexhaustible friendship." Let us start with the theatre performances that will be on offer.

Set in a multi-ethnic Paris, the show on Sunday, August 20, the first day of the Meeting will be Monsieur Ibrahim and the Flowers of the Qur'ān, a text by the famous French writer Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt who was a guest in Rimini for the first time last year. It tells the story of the deep friendship that is born between Jewish teenager Momo, who has a depressed father, and Monsieur Ibrahim, the only Arab on the Jewish street who owns the only grocery store in the area. Their story unravels between canned food and bottles of water, culminating in a trip to Turkey, to Ibrahim's home.

On the evening of Monday, August 21, the Galli Theater will host Maddalene - From Giotto to Bacon. On the centenary of his birth, the theatre of Giovanni Testori is not to be missed. It is a journey of words and images: his verses are juxtaposed with the works of Duccio, Masaccio, Cézanne, up to Grünewald and Bacon. All accompanied by short original cello suites written by Carlo Boccadoro and performed by Lamberto Curtoni.

On Tuesday, 22, Moby Dick - A perpetual craving for remote things. Alessandro Preziosi and the young people of Ufo ("È Urgente Forzare l'Orizzonte," Saronno theater space) try their hand at Melville's play. The theater project involves sixty young people aged 15 to 19 grappling with robotics and puppets to give life to the torments of Captain Ahab, in a performance of images and actors. Directed by Emanuele Fant, in collaboration with Made Officina Creativa.

Another great event will take place on Thursday, August 24: Gabriele Lavia, an icon of Italian theater, will star in (as well as translating, adapting and directing) Fedor Dostoevsky's The Dream of a Ridiculous Man: "I chose to stage this play to forcefully reaffirm how indifference, corruption and degeneration cannot be the conditions of life in our society," says the actor. It tells the story a man who, having failed his suicide attempt, dreams of his own life beyond death. A deep and passionate reflection on the condition of the human being.

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Music, both Italian and international, has always been an important part of the Meeting. One of the most beautiful female voices of the Brazilian popular music scene is that of Monica Salmaso, beloved in her country. Accompanied by multi-instrumentalist Teco Cardoso and pianist Nelson Ayres, she will take us through different eras and styles, from the rustic-urban universe of the samba to the waltz. Tom Jobin, Vinicius de Moraes, Heitor Villa-Lobos are just some of the composers in the lineup. Wednesday, August 23, at the Galli Theater.

In the Auditorium of the Fiera on Tuesday 22, Singing with Adriana will be more than just a concert. "Singing is encountering the Other, every meeting with every other person that is a sign of that Other," said Adriana Mascagni. It will be possible for the audience to sing along with a selection of people from Adriana's "choir" and a line-up of instruments and voices.

On Thursday 24, a tribute to Enzo Piccinini, surgeon and educator, teacher of many, whose cause for beatification is underway. Maurizio Carugno, jazz musician and friend of the Modenese surgeon, is the composer of the original pieces that he will perform during the concert The Heart in Everything.

Another tribute will take place on Monday 21 at the Fiera. This time to Giorgio Gaber, 20 years after his death. It will be a journey through the singer-songwriter's songs and prose on the theme of the search for the wholeness of the self, entitled Quello che perde i pezzi. Sixteen of his songs will be interspersed with monologues.

Enzo Jannacci’s songs will also be performed by his son Paolo on August 22 at the West Pools, who will perform the songs most dear to the audience, as well as offer his repertoire of original jazz songs.

Songs by Lucio Battisti will also be performed on the 80th anniversary of his birth. Wednesday 23 at the West Pools. Thursday 24 will also see the return of the third edition of the Meeting Music Contest.

The West Pools will then host The Strangers, a group of 15 musicians that will make the Meeting dance with funk, rock, pop and disco. Dance will also feature at the Meeting with the Caracalla Dance Theatre, which offers workshops and internships with choreographers and dancers who combine the Lebanese dance tradition with the Martha Graham school.

On various evening of the Meeting, "listening guides" will also be available, where Pier Paolo Bellini will accompany music from the Spirto Gentil series along with guests there in person or connected online.

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