The exhibition on 'Why the Church' in Taipei

Taipei: We are the Church

Raphaella Wang, Jen-Chuan, Lucy, Rebecca Tsai and Kun-Li. Some "portraits" from the CL community in Taiwan that are included in the exhibition for the presentation of the Chinese edition of Why the Church.

For the launch of the Chinese edition of Why the Church in Taiwan, missionaries from the Fraternity of St. Charles Borromeo asked several people from their parish and community to recount what the Church is for them and how it changes their lives. Along with their answers, portraits of them were displayed, drawn by an artist friend named Tsao Wenzee.

Kun-Li, 66 years old, parishioner
Why the Church has made me realize that I still do not understand enough about my faith, even though I was baptized when I was little. Before I met the movement, my knowledge of the Church was limited to rules to follow and good behavior. Now I am a new person. I recognize that each day is a gift from God. I hope to live more happily and freely, because that is what He desires for me.

Rebecca Tsai, 38 years old, software engineer
For me, the life of the church is daily life. We always have people around us, such as family members, colleagues, and anyone we may come across in our lives. Jesus sends us His messages through them. Although life can be mundane and unexciting at times, I try to remember that I am always in relationship with God. This bond with Him is fundamental for me. It helps me think like Jesus and appreciate the fact that the people in the church are all a single body; it strengthens my faith, reminding me that my faith in Him can overcome all situations. This bond makes me share every moment with Him in every circumstance.

Jen-Chuan, 36 years old, meridian therapist
My life in the church has many faces. Sometimes I get involved in many activities and I feel fulfilled and full of joy. Sometimes I feel sad and angry because of the difficulties in communicating with others, or I feel touched by listening to their testimonies. What do I learn from all that? I learn, step by step, how to love and be loved. And by learning to love my friends, my family, those who disagree with me and to love myself, I come to understand the teachings of Jesus and of the Church. In this journey of love, I feel that my heart is more and more at peace.

Raphaella Wang, 26 years old, university employee and French language teacher
Perhaps because so many events have been taking place online lately, I have become lazy in participating in so many things, including going to church. I thought that since God is beyond time and space, it would not make much difference if I did not go in person. This idea changed after meeting a Catholic friend. I can say that going to Mass is the most important thing in her daily life, and it shows in the way she behaves. The fact of distinguishing Sunday from other days and considering it sacred means to step away from commitments, to surrender oneself to God as a sacrifice. If I cannot make this small sacrifice for God, how can I maintain a living faith? I now realize that going to church makes me feel that I belong to a community, that it gives me a chance to have a real time and place to give thanks to my Lord. God really is beyond time and space, but He cares for each and every heart. He wants us to stay close to Him.

Lucy, 30 years old, translator
The time I spend in church is the time I mostly spend with friends. When we are together, I feel the presence of Christ. We learn from each other, sharing our stories and experiences. We are all becoming better people. Was it not the same in Jesus' time? He lived with his disciples and brought them light and truth.