Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI (Photo: Catholic Press)

"We are close to Benedict, object of shameful accusations"

The words of Davide Prosperi on the accusations made against the Pope Emeritus in a report on pedophilia in the German diocese of Munich.

The media have been reporting on accusations made against Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, contained in a report on clergy abuse in the Diocese of Munich, Germany.
In this regard, Davide Prosperi, President of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation, has said:

"The personality and work of Benedict XVI refute the shameful accusations made against him, contained in the report on pedophilia commissioned by the diocese of Munich, as reported by the media today.
We are close to the Pope Emeritus and we pray together with him for a truer, more united and freer Church".

CL Press Office

Milan, January 21, 2022