Photo: Luca Fiore

Kharkov responds to Madrid

Notes from the assembly of CL communities in Eurasia with Fr. Carrón, a “long-distance dialogue” catalyzed by the challenge posed by Rosa Montero in El País. What makes the here and now a beginning and not the end? From July/August 'Traces'.

Jean-François Thiry. Good morning, everyone! There are almost 200 of us, connecting from different countries. Fr. Julián, thank you so much for finding the time to examine with us the journey we’ve been walking over the past few months. We received many witnesses and questions that document how this time has not passed in vain and how we can verify whether we have hope or not.

Daiva. In March, my husband went home to the arms of the Father. He died at work. When I arrived, the doctors were trying to revive him. I prayed, standing outside the door, supported by the people who were there. I prayed, asking not to lose my husband, but continually adding, with full awareness, these words: “Whatever God’s will is, I accept it.” I accepted it, and I didn’t blame God, nor did I blame my husband for going. I knew even the worst things that happen are for our own good. This awareness does not eliminate the loss or the pain, but it helps me to keep hope alive [...]

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