Photo: © Pellegrinaggio Macerata Loreto

Macerata-Loreto: "Hope does not disappoint”

The words of Pope Francis during his call to the "virtual" pilgrims on their way to the Holy House. The secret to walking well? "Looking towards the horizon, but not walking alone. Helping each other".

Vecerrica: Hello, Holy Father, this is Fr. Giancarlo Vecerrica.

Pope Francis: Hello, how are you, are you well?

Vecerrica: Good, I am with many friends, here and scattered all over the world. I am very grateful for this traditional telephone call, which this evening reaches the whole world.

Pope Francis: Good, I will be close to you!

Vecerrica: Beautiful! We ask you this question Holy Father about hope: how can we not waste this drama that we are experiencing throughout the world?

Pope Francis: Yes, I can answer with what is in my heart, because I am not a genius. I will tell you all what I live. To you, who are on the road tonight; a virtual journey, but on a journey that is a reflection of life, always on a journey. Each of us can ask ourselves: am I walking marked by hope or do I walk without knowing what I am doing? Am I walking or am I walking around and around not knowing where I am going? Is my life on the path towards the horizon, that is, with hope, or is it a journey that does not know where it is going? Or is my life in a labyrinth that goes round and round and cannot get out? Walking towards the horizon is my hope. Hope never disappoints, but always tends towards the horizon. But what is the secret to walking well? To look at the horizon, yes, but not to walk alone. To walk with others, helping each other, helping each other along the way, being with each other and helping others. And in difficult moments we must give hope, that hope that I have and that when I lose it another helps me find again. Walk today dear brother, dear sister, walk and walk, look towards the horizon. Hope is there, hope does not disappoint, walk. And what I said last time comes to mind, that St Augustine said: "Sing and walk". If you are able to sing it is because you have joy in your heart and when there is joy in your heart you walk towards hope. May God bless you all. And now I will give the blessing to you all. May Almighty God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit bless you. May Our Lady protect you and please pray for me this evening. May the Lord accompany you. Well done!

Vecerrica: Thank you Holy Father! And we want to imitate his life which is a journey. We set out on the journey with the heart, with the spirit and with all of ourselves and together. Thank you!

Pope Francis: Come on, cheer up, thank you!

Vecerrica: Thank you, Holy Father, we are your pilgrims. Thank you!

Pope Francis: Pray for me, thank you!

Vecerrica: With all my heart.